Best Sprinkler Repair in Colony

Colony Sprinkler Repair

It’s important to keep your sprinkler system in top shape. If you have any deficiencies in any part of the
system, it’s important to get your sprinkler system repaired by a qualified expert immediately. The cost
of the water bill alone could cover the cost eventually.

Over 50% of the water used from providers goes to irrigation systems. When you have one that is
neglected, it starts to develop issues. Issues means that water being used inside the system never makes
it to its intended destination, equaling wasted water and wasted money in many cases.

The irony in this is that these systems are actually designed to cut down on water waste. When you have
an irrigation system that is maintained correctly, it will cut down on water waste, minimize pollution
from run-off and using too much, and also improves overall plant life by giving specific timed amounts of
water to be utilized.

It really is important to conduct regular checks to your system as is recommended with anything
mechanical. You check your vehicle after so many miles and so often to verify fluids, wear/tear, filter
health, and many other things. You conduct regular checks on household appliances and verify
everything is in working order. So why would your sprinkler system be the exception?

Irrigation System Maintenance in Colony

In an ideal situation, it’s best to conduct at least one full check every month. The bare minimum would
be twice in the entire season, once at the beginning, and once halfway through. At least that way you
know what you’re dealing with and can take care of issues that may have come up during the winter
time. You’ll want to check for the following:

  • Controller is plugged in and is also functioning properly
  • Verify correct date and time
  • Make sure all wires are connected properly along with sensors
  • Go ahead and replace your battery back-up
  • Set up the correct schedule
  • Activate each zone and inspect for damage

If all else fails, make sure you’re contacting a Colony irrigation system expert to handle all of your repair
and installation needs.