A Guide To Sprinkler System Repair: When And Where You Need It

A Guide To Sprinkler System Repair: When And Where You Need It

Imagine watering your flowers and vegetable beds automatically. Sprinklers are the best way to ensure a healthy-looking garden in your home. If you have a smart sprinkler system installed on your lawn, it is essential to ensure timely sprinkler system repair & maintenance; so you do not have to worry about the expensive electricity and water bill.

At Sprinkler Repair Of Texas, we understand that sprinkler systems are the key factor to keeping your lawn lush green, and healthy. However, even if the smallest broken sprinkler pipe is out of whack, you may face significant issues like flooding or uncontrolled water flow, and such action is enough to create havoc on your lawn. Moreover, a sprinkler system consists of different parts like a sprinkler head, backflow preventer, sprinkler solenoid, wire connections, PVC pipes, and control valves. You are advised to check warning signs in advance to avoid any mishaps in the water line or system’s control valves. Being a proficient name for providing sprinkler system repair services in Texas, we make sure to cater to all issues of sprinkler repairs. Our team follows proper guidelines the Texas Irrigation Association shares and keeps those clogged sprinkler heads clean.

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What Are Sprinkler Systems & How Do They Work? 

A Sprinkler system is not your standard water pipe used to water the plants but a better version used to evenly water the landscape. You can use the sprinkler system for both commercial farms and residential lawns. These systems work just like rainfall and evenly maintain the water flow throughout and distribute water across the area. Using plastic pipes could result in water supply issues, as you cannot maintain the water pressure. This results in affecting the landscape of the lawn, causing soil patches, water wastage, etc.

However, a sprinkler system is an affordable way to build a lush green garden. As the water passes through the pipes and reaches the outlet of the sprinkler, the system splits the water pressure into tiny water drops that are evenly distributed on the lawn. This method minimizes any water or soil wastage because of the low water pressure and systematically distributed sprinkler zone. Sprinklers are suitable for lawns, gardens, farms, and landscapes as they do not require special manpower and provide the proper coverage. However, these sprinkler systems could easily get clogged, mostly because a single sprinkler head consists of many small openings. The reason behind these clogged heads is the accumulation of soil, sand, pebbles, grass, and other impurities present in the water or on the lawn. If your sprinkler heads are unable to sprinkle water, call for a professional repair service from Sprinkler Repair Of Texas.

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Common Sprinkler System Repair Issues

Talking of the most common issues a customer runs into is a sudden breakdown of the machine or system’s automatic turn-offs. Users mostly ignore the warning signs, which could further trigger such issues in the sprinkler system. Whether it’s a broken sprinkler head or a leaking pipe, you cannot think about replacement all the time. Sometimes calling out experts for sprinkler repair is enough. Here are the common problems that require sprinkler repair.

Sunken Head

Having a sunken sprinkler head is one of the major issues in the system. This problem is usually caused if you have a soft ground or someone stepped on the sprinkler head. In such a case, the sprinkler is blocked and is unable to spray water freely. However, repair service could easily fix this issue. 

Control Valves

Another issue caused in the sprinkler system is leaking control valves. If the control valves have any defect, you will notice constant leakage from sprinkler heads, even when the system is turned off. This often affects the water pressure of the entire system. 

Clogged Pipes

Pipes are used to providing water all over the grounds, and they are placed in a way to maintain the water flow. Sometimes, mud, grass, and pebbles could block the pipes, causing the entire system to stop; leakage in the pipe could also affect the process. 

Sprinkler Controller 

Issues in the controller can cause whole system damage. It could fail in keeping time and controlling the heads and water flow. During controller failure, the system could not function, either manually or automatically.

Thankfully you can call professional repair services for a quick fix. The Sprinkler Repair Of Texas team makes sure everything is properly covered, and your ground is getting ample water.

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Advantages Of Getting Sprinkler Systems 

A Sprinkler system is a necessity for every individual owning a farm, lawn, or garden since it is impossible to water the area individually and avoid any wastage of water. Using other methods could significantly raise your water bill, and trust us, no one wants that. Thus spending money on sprinkler installation and repair is worth every penny. You can look at it as a long-term plan and an optimum solution to all your financial problems. Yet there is another thing you need to keep in mind – regular repair and maintenance services. However, a maintenance process is required to avoid any mishaps; you must focus on ensuring regular repairs to extend the lifespan of the system. Moreover, the advantages of having a sprinkler system are:

  • A well-functioning sprinkler method helps in improving the condition of plants, crops, grass, etc. 
  • It assures that the whole ground is evenly and quickly watered. 
  • You could set a timer, and the machine would do the work effectively. 
  • Using an irrigation system could easily reduce labor costs; you can consider this system as a one-time investment. 
  • It helps in controlling soil erosion or causing patches of mud in the garden. 
  • Overall, the system effectively prevents soil erosion and water wastage, further minimizing electricity bills and manpower.

At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we have a team of hardworking technicians. Our goal is to provide the most affordable and quick sprinkle repair service to our customers. Just click on the button below and schedule a consultation with our experts.

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Dos And Don’ts Of A Sprinkler Repair

Owning a quality sprinkler system needs proper care in order to make it work in the long run. We have mentioned some of the dos and don’ts that would ensure a smooth running of the system for the coming years. 


  1. Do clean the sprinkle heads weekly. This is an easy task, and you can use simple tools to remove the clogged grass, sand, and mud from the heads. 
  2. Do make it a habit to check the valves regularly. Sprinklers are very prone to leakage, and if you have irregular water pressure at the property or dry patch of land, make sure to check the control valves immediately. 
  3. Do focus on repairing the faulty pipes. If there is slight wear and tear in the pipelines, focus on repairing them instantly. This would help in keeping the issue intact and would not cause any harm to the sprinkler system. 
  4. Do check the voltage to ensure proper electricity flow. High or low voltage could affect the sprinkler system by causing a short circuit and wiring issue. 


  1. Don’t ignore the open wires and conditions that could cause a short circuit. This is the first thing that could avoid any mishaps around your sprinkler system and home. This is because the irrigation system is run by electricity, and when it comes in contact with water, you have to be extra careful about the wiring.   
  2. Don’t let your pets or kids play with sprinkler heads or pipes; these sprinkler heads are sensitive, and with any cut or breakage, the entire system could fail. Also, any amount of leakage affects the working. 
  3. Avoid using tools and equipment on your own; in case there is any issue in the system, you must not try to fix it all by yourself. If required, just use some basic tactics to regulate water flow, and call for the professional’s help. 
  4. Lastly, do not throw anything on the ground. Waste material or sharp objects could accidentally break any part of the system, which could cost you a hefty price when replacing.

Along with these do’s and don’ts tips, remember regular maintenance or professional repair services could help in keeping the system working for a longer period. If required, you can ask for an owner’s manual to get a better insight.

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Signs There Is A Dire Need For Irrigation System Repair

A sprinkler system is a key factor in keeping the lawn looking gorgeous and healthy. It is suggested that turning on the sprinkler for 30 minutes will result in having a beautiful-looking garden. It is hardly possible to have a fully functioning sprinkler system in the house; because normal wear and tear is almost inevitable. Signs that your sprinkler needs repair services are:

  1. You will notice standing or collected water in the yard. This means there is a probability of leakage in that particular area. Pooling on the lawn is a concern, and you must connect with the experts as soon as possible. 
  2. The sprinkler is not watering the grounds evenly. This indicates there is a problem in your sprinkler head and it needs to be appropriately taken care of to avoid any other mishap. 
  3. Moss is growing in the driveway. Your irrigation system will be in need of a repair service if you have noticed moss growing in the driveway or sidewalk of your garden. This also indicates a tiny leakage in the pipes or head. Ignoring this problem for a long time will affect how it works and could affect the whole process.
  4. Noticing a hike in water bills could be a warning sign for requiring repair service. An unexpected rise in the bill means there is unnoticed water consumption, which is a result of broken pipes or heads.

Sprinkler valves are also responsible for delivering the proper amount of water through sprinkler heads. Therefore, if the valves of your sprinkler systems are dripping or leaking regularly, then it is the most definite sign that your sprinkler head needs repair.

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Sprinkler system stop working? Don’t worry; Your local experts are here! Sprinkler Repair Of Texas has been proudly serving in the area for years. Whether your pipe is leaking or the sprinkler head is clogged out, our team makes sure the whole system is well-functional to fulfill your needs. We are specialists, and we suggest not attempting any repair service if you do not have the right equipment and lack proper training. Your minimum efforts could even burst the pipes or cause further damage to the wiring.

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