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Just found out a loose pipe, or you have a broken sprinkler head, and water is running out onto your lawn and road – now what? It seems you have lost gallons of water and will soon receive a notice from the water enforcement department. Listen, fret not. First, turn off your sprinkler system to avoid flooding, and then call Sprinkler Repair of Texas for smooth, efficient, and fast Sprinkler Head Repair services.

We have years of experience in offering sprinkler repairing services in Dallas and nearby areas. Our expert technicians always use genuine products and are experts in repairing sprinkler heads for residential and commercial properties. We are proud to be one of the most preferred options for sprinkler head repair in Texas. If you need urgent services, you can schedule a visit online here.



Best Residential Sprinkler Head Repair

Over the years, Sprinkler Repair of Texas has been offering exceptional residential sprinkler head repair service. Any homeowner who invests thousands of dollars yearly in maintaining a lush green lawn understands the value of an adequately functioned sprinkler head. Due to misuse or excessive use, the sprinkler head can be damaged and needs professional sprinkler head repair services promptly. We have an expert crew ready and waiting to handle sprinkler head repair at your home. We are fast, efficient, and passionate about providing the best experience to our customers. 


Expert Commercial Sprinkler Head Repair Services

As a business owner, you have likely noticed that the first impression is everything, and a flooded lawn outside your premises can spoil it in no time. If your lawn is not maintained correctly, it might affect your potential customers. But, you don’t have to worry. We understand that the sprinkler head can be broken or damaged due to various reasons. At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, your business is our business, and we are committed to taking proper care of it. If you notice any type of leaking, broken, or loose sprinkler head, speak to our expert technicians, and they will fix it in no time.

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How We Offer Sprinkler Head Repair At Ease?

There are various reasons for a sprinkler head to chip, break, or become stuck in the up position, resulting in yellow patches and dried grass all around your grass. At Sprinkler Repair Of Texas, we have a professional crew equipped with the latest tools and technologies to offer Sprinkler Head Repair for residential and commercial property owners. Here is how we perform Sprinkler Head Repair:

  • Accessing The Sprinkler Assembly
  • Clear The Grass Around The Head
  • Replace or Repair Sprinkler Head
  • Testing and Detecting Leakage or Other Post Repair issues
  • Refill The Pit Hole and Turn On The Mainline


Sprinkler Head Repair Services in Dallas, TX To Ensure Efficiency & Reliability of Your System. Get Free Quotes Now!

Call sprinkler head repair specialists, and we will send our best technician to help you. In the case of commercial services, we provide quick & efficient Sprinkler Head Repair. Request free quotes now.