Bring Beauty To Your Lawn With  Sprinkler Maintenance In Texasawn With  Sprinkler Maintenance In Texas

Do you have yellow patches or dried grass on your lawn? Do you think your water bills are excessively high? Most probably, you have malfunctioned the lawn sprinklers. If you want to cut these costs and want a green, well-maintained lawn, make sure your sprinkler or irrigation system functions well. For this, you can either avail sprinkler maintenance plan or get the sprinkler repaired on-call basis. Usually, dust and other particles are stuck in the sprinkler head resulting in leakage or other issues. According to reports, 25,000 gallons of water is wasted every year by property owners, and having a malfunctioned sprinkler is one of its most significant causes.

At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we offer a range of Sprinkler Maintenance plans and services so you can choose at your convenience. Our expert technicians will reach you with proper tools to serve as per your requirements. Moreover, we have reasonable prices, so you don’t have to stress about additional charges. Call Our experts now!



Residential Sprinkler Maintenance

Do you love stargazing from your lush green lawn during summer? It is great! But, do you have sprinkler issues and need professional maintenance services who take good care of your lawn and irrigation system? You have come to the right place. At Sprinkler Repair Of Texas, we offer the best sprinkler maintenance services for all sizes of properties. Whether it is a small indoor lawn or a big outdoor lawn, we offer full-service sprinkler maintenance for all brands of sprinklers.


Commercial Sprinkler Maintenance

Do you need sprinkler maintenance for a commercial property? Don’t fret because we have professional technicians who have been offering sprinkler repair and maintenance services to municipalities, schools, colleges, and other commercial properties in Dallas TX. Whether it has a broken pipe or a bigger problem than common leakage, we will help you with the best sprinkler maintenance solutions. Speak to expert technicians at Sprinkler Repair Of Texas for quick assistance and a custom sprinkler maintenance plan.

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Sprinkler Maintenance Plan By Professionals

Our sprinkler maintenance services are much more than just turning your system on in the springs and start-up every season. We offer systemic sprinkler maintenance services that are mentioned below:

  • Our experts ensure that the main supply in on
  • Prime the mainline
  • Inspect proper functions at every zone
  • Check and adjust for head to head coverage
  • Detect leaks
  • Clear growth from and around each sprinkler head
  • Test controller operations
  • Set the timers
  • Calibrate the run time as per season
  • Check potential repairs and fix that issues


High-quality and Low-priced Residential and Commercial Sprinkler Maintenance Plan. Call Now To Get One!

Whether it is a commercial or residential property, call your neighborhood sprinkler maintenance services in Dallas Texas. We will take complete care of your lawn, sprinkler, and peace of mind.