Deciding On Sprinkler System Replacement or Repair

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Are you struggling to decide between replacing or repairing your lawn sprinkler system? If YES, then please keep reading this article for helpful information. Lawn Maintenance is something that is preferred by many people who have well-maintained and good-looking lawns. These people know the hard work it takes to get yards in such tip-top shape. One of the most important things that help in lawn maintenance is a sprinkler.

A sprinkler is a device or accessory used to throw water in a way that reaches most places of a lawn. It works by the mechanism of the pressure nozzle system, which allows throwing the water in top areas of a lawn. They are very important to keep a property lawn healthier and good-looking.

However, like all other accessories, the sprinkler system will get worn out and therefore need replacement. Some people find it confusing whether to fix their water sprinklers or get new ones. In that case, this comprehensive and easy guide is for you. It will help you decide what to do. Keep reading!

Sprinkler System Repair

When water sprinklers get damaged or worn out, they need repairing. Sprinkler system repair is all about fixing your sprinkler system. All the methods involved in diagnosing and replacing parts or adjusting configurations of sprinkler is known as sprinkler system repair. It may range from cleaning the rusty nozzles of a sprinkler to the change in the valve. This depends upon the extent of damage to the sprinkler.

Lawn sprinkler repair is quite an affordable process as compared to getting a new one. The overall costs may vary depending upon the parts needed.

Best sprinkler system repair is done by professional sprinkler service providers in the most efficient way possible.

Sprinkler System Replacement

When it comes to the sprinkler replacement, it is the complete removal of the sprinkler system, not fixing its part, and replacing it with a completely new yard sprinkler system.

Most Lawn sprinklers need replacement if they are damaged beyond the point of fixing. After repairing sprinklers for a while, there comes the point when it might be best to upgrade the entire system then just keep repairing. In such cases, professional sprinkler service providers should be called out for sprinkler replacement.

Replacement of a sprinkler system or irrigation installation can be pricier than fixing. However, there comes the point when you must opt for it.

Should You Replace Or Fix Your Lawn Sprinkler System

sprinkler repair

So if you are someone who can not seem to make up their mind about replacing or repairing their lawn sprinkler system. Here are a few different or key points that will help you along the way. After you weigh the benefits and costs, you will be able to decide better for yourself.

The extent of Sprinkler Systems Damage

You must first consider the extent of damage in your lawn sprinkler system before you decide whether to fix it or replace it. You must do so before you make a decision. This will help you save a lot of time, cost, and energy.

Minor problems with the lawn irrigation system do not require replacement, which is needed in much more severe conditions.

To check the extent of damage in a sprinkler system, you can take the help of professional sprinkler system services.

History of Past Maintenance

Before you consider the sprinkler replacement for your lawn, you must take a closer look at the maintenance history of your sprinkler. Think about how well maintained you kept it and the adjustments it has needed in the past. If you have kept your sprinkler system in tip-top and good condition, it may not need replacement but a simple fix. Reflecting on the history of past maintenance of the sprinkler system installed in your lawn, make a wise decision.

Landscape Changes

In case you have made any changes to the landscaping system of your lawn, you might want to see the efficiency of your sprinkler. Can it reach all areas of the lawn? To maintain a healthy-looking property, consider the changes to your landscape and the capacity of the sprinkler. If it can, there is no need to call for replacement, but if you do not find it sufficient for your lawn’s needs or not placed in the right spot, then the lawn sprinkler replacement is necessary.

Proper Functioning of Controller System

There are many times when there is a problem with the controller system of your lawn sprinkler system. It may be old or simply worn out to carry any processing, which may affect the overall performance of your lawn sprinkler system. In that case, you may want to check up for the controller system of your lawn and see how it is performing to ensure whether it needs replacement or not and to see if the problem really is the controller itself. Many times, replacing an old controller with a new one can solve many issues with the sprinkler system.

However, depending upon how old the sprinkler system of your lawn is, you may need to do it all over, which means you have to do the irrigation installation all over again to maintain efficiency.

Professional Advice

Remember that you may decide things independently, but you do not know everything that experts know of. Therefore it is always best to seek professional advice. Sprinkler system professionals can not only help you detect the possible errors in your sprinkler system but also tell you whether you need sprinkler system work done on parts or an entire sprinkler system replacement. This will help you make more easy and wise decisions.

Not only can we give you the best advice and save your cost, energy, and time, our professionals can also help you manage the current sprinkler system in your lawn.

Does a Professional Sprinkler System increase value to my Home?

Irrigation Installation

A sprinkler system can, in fact, add value to your residence if you want an irrigation system that is professional and comfortable to use. In sunnier climates and dry regions, a sprinkler system can develop foliage growth and reduce the possibility of yellow grass caused by drought. A sprinkler system can assist secure that your home has supreme curb appeal.

We provided 4 often appreciated values:

Curb Appeal

A sprinkler system indirectly improves a home’s market worth by improving the home’s overall curb appeal. Since beautiful landscaping needs adequate watering, an automated sprinkler system assures the protection of your investment. It increases property value because it allows plants to live longer and grow healthier over time.


A sprinkler system adds worth to a house because it grants time-saving and energy-efficient lawn maintenance. Many potential homebuyers require an efficiently maintained lawn and convenient water, and an irrigation system meets those demands. It is said that having an irrigation system that works properly and covers the entire yard can add value. Proper support and upkeep of a sprinkler system will contribute to its added value.

Professional System

Our irrigation co-workers at Sprinkler Repair of Texas attest that a correctly designed and efficiently installed water sprinkler system can increase a property’s worth beyond the price of parts. Furthermore, some real estate appraisers know that a poorly designed irrigation system can significantly decrease the price of a property. Installing a professional sprinkler system that effectively saturates both the grass and any landscaped areas.

Water Conservation

A sprinkler system further boosts a home’s price because it helps a homeowner preserve water. A huge factor is, the automatic sprinkler system lets a homeowner set the right amount of water on precise lawn and garden areas without wastewater. Some automatic irrigation systems can sense moisture and will turn off automatically when it rains. Water conservation is appealing to homebuyers that are looking for ways to be environmentally conscious.

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