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Winter is over, spring is here, and it is the time of the year when you refresh, replenish and rejuvenate. Moreover, your plants follow the same process in the spring season. Your plants need proper water, light, warmth, and all other conditions they need to start to grow during spring. If you want to have fun in a lush green yard during the summer season, your preparations start with De Winterize Sprinkler System services in Dallas.

In a state like Texas, where winters can go to -2°C, it is crucial to hire a professional to de winterize sprinkler system. At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we offer the best De Winterize Sprinkler System services to keep a well-maintained, healthy lawn and landscape. Call our professionals to learn or schedule your booking online.



De Winterize Sprinkler System By Type

There are commonly two types of sprinkler systems that need to be de winterized – the slow drip and underground irrigation systems. Luckily, we have expertise in handling both types, so you don’t have to worry about de winterize sprinkler system in Dallas, TX. We check pipes, sprinkler heads, and joins thoroughly to detect any leakage, break, or other issues in both cases. Install the batteries in the timer and unplug the open-ended pipes. Open the mainline and set the sprinkler head. In most cases, we need to repair the sprinkler head that gets damaged during winter storms. Whatever it is, we offer complete de winterize sprinkler system services.

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Cost To De Winterize Sprinkler System

Most lawn care and irrigation specialists might charge a flat rate for de winterize sprinkler system, between  $150 and $25o. But, Sprinkler Repair Of Texas is a professional company, and we have fair prices. We will check your irrigation system, detect issues, and quote you a price that you would love to pay. Moreover, you can call our technicians, tell them your specific issues, and they will give you an accurate quote for de winterize sprinkler system. However, you might overlook some hidden pipes. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional technician who will check precisely and quote a fair price.


When To De Winterize Sprinkler System?

It is easy to get the first sign of spring. The trees are budding, and the birds are chirping, but is it the right time to de winterize sprinkler system? Well, the best time is the third or fourth week of April. If you do it earlier and the winters come back, it will freeze the water running in the pipes, causing severe damage to your sprinkler system. Therefore, we recommend hiring our experts for de winterize sprinkler system services. They will check and update you.


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