Sprinkler Repair of Texas is a locally owned company that provides sprinkler repair services for residential and commercial properties. Our company serves the popular cities of Texas, such as Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio. The licensed crew knows the fine details of sprinkler systems to identify system problems, provide excellent service, and get your sprinkler system functioning properly.

If a sprinkler is broken, we can fix it, guaranteed. From water bubbles to low water pressure, past customers are satisfied with our repair service. A lawn in Texas needs the proper irrigation system to keep grass and trees green and neighbors happy. When looking to hire a new landscaping company, you need a reliable and efficient lawn sprinkler company that is fully aware of Texas lawn care needs and irrigation installation and repair near me. We will gladly come out to give a free estimate to install or repair your irrigation system.   

Sprinkler System

There are four types of sprinkler systems: surface irrigation, drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, and blended systems. The detail of each sprinkler system for landscaping has a huge impact on water usage, water waste, appearance, price, and more. Most individuals still think watering a lawn can just be done with a hose, but a sprinkler system is a much more efficient way to control water usage, set a watering schedule, and keep your property looking good. 

  1. Surface irrigation: the most common sprinkler system, especially for residential properties. The sprinkler or hose applies water to the soil’s surface. This allows the water to trickle down into the dirt and root systems. This system may be the most common. However, when installed as a DIY project, the amount of water wasted is incredibly inefficient. When installed by professionals, it is not as inefficient or labor-intensive. 
  2. Drip irrigation: If the landscape is uneven or the property is located in a windy area, expect the professionals to recommend drip irrigation sprinklers. Drip irrigation is more of a project to install, but it reduces waste and delivers water directly to the base. This sprinkler system can be hooked up to a controller to become energy efficient and reduce costs. 
  3. Sprinkler irrigation: The most significant project for all professionals and the second-best sprinkler system for the landscape. Underground sprinkler irrigation systems rely on a series of pipes and sprinkler heads that deliver water by spraying the water above the landscape. Sprinkler heads are placed in systematic locations, can retract and pop up, or always sit above the ground. Similar to drip irrigation, this system can be hooked up to a controller. A professional would determine a sprinkler zone to ensure water is distributed evenly, avoid leaks, and keep water costs low. 
  4. Blended systems: The best system to reduce water waste and recommended by those passionate about lawn care. The sprinkler irrigation combined with drip irrigation is the ideal sprinkler system. The sprinklers can be used on the lawn while the drip is used on the garden, flower beds, and bushes. If this system sounds right for your home, contact Sprinkler Repair of Texas for a free quote on our services. 

To keep the sprinkler system running efficiently and ensure no leak or repairing is needed, it is best to have a professional provide routine services.  

Sprinkler Heads

Winterize Sprinkler SystemA sprinkler system requires sprinkler heads. There are three different types of heads. Matching the sprinkler head to the needs of your yard is crucial to optimizing your water use and keeping your plants happy and healthy. The three primary sprinkler heads are spray and spray rotary irrigation heads, bubbler irrigation heads, and drip or soaker irrigation systems.

Each head sprays differently to fit your lawn care needs. When choosing which head would be suitable for your lawn care, speak with the professionals to decide. For example, a spray irrigation head is suitable for medium-sized lawns, provides 20-30 PSI, whereas a rotary head is best for medium to large size lawns and can produce over 30 PSI. A bubbler irrigation head has a water line that delivers water fast and creates an abundance of water to make a pool perfect for shrubs, unlike the drip head that delivers water slowly. 

Contact your lawn service company if you notice a sprinkler problem, such as a drip head acting like a bubbler or a spray irrigation head releasing too much pressure. Heads require repairs, you may need to replace one, or it could be as simple as wiring the controller.

Lawn Care Professionals

Lawn Sprinkler Repair DallasMatching the correct sprinkler system with the correct sprinkler head is best done by lawn care professionals like Sprinkler Repair of Texas. In addition, debris and frequent climate change can affect the sprinklers. 

As the climate is changing, so is our soil. Decade prolonged droughts, freak snowstorms, and random flooding have all contributed to a change in our soil along with a shift in the soil. The changes may require an adjustment to the sprinkler system, and a shift may require a system repair as pipes underground get damaged by loose soil. Even if you are unaware of these changes, the professionals are not. 

An experienced sprinkler repair servicer can identify a sprinkler problem and make the necessary repairs affordable. Routine service to sprinklers, heads and other landscape needs can reduce a bigger problem in the future. 

Maintenance Plans  

Our business offers a low-cost maintenance plan to service your irrigation system, sprinkler heads, lawn lights, and more to avoid those more extensive problems. For only $99, our experienced technicians can routinely check your system, locate and diagnose any issues and fix them–no problem! Our maintenance plan includes: inspecting the irrigation system for wet spots, leaks, checking heads for leaks and damage, checking and replacing controller batteries, cleaning and adjusting sprinklers, ensuring zones are working properly, checking for proper coverage, and more!

Sprinkler Repair of Texas can work with you to maximize your irrigation system while minimizing your water usage. We offer irrigation services from installing, repairing, and maintaining. We also offer landscape lighting, installing, and repairing. You can schedule a request online or call (972) 379-7175.