Having a lush green lawn is a dream of many, but is your irrigation system effective enough? Are the sprinklers watering the street more than your lawn? Did you just find that you have a broken sprinkler head? Now what? With Sprinkler Repair of Texas, you don’t have to worry about sprinkler repair services anymore. We offer professional, pocket-friendly sprinkler repair services.

Our professionals are licensed and have expertise in offering repair and maintenance of residential and commercial sprinkler systems. We are a Texas-based irrigation system and sprinkler repair service company. With TCEQ Certified and experienced professionals, we serve the Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio metro areas.

Regardless of the season and system, we get the job done right! Give us a call to learn more or request a free sprinkler repair quote online.

Have Sprinkler Head Issues? Call For Sprinkler Repair! 

The soil of Texas has gone through several changes over the past few years. Due to a decade-long drought and intense weather conditions, choosing the right irrigation system for the lawn on your Texas property has become challenging. If you see yellow patches on the grass and greenery on the other side, your sprinkler head might have issues. Some of the common sprinkler head issues are blockages, leaks, and the fact that many heads get clogged with debris. This can result in the following symptoms. 

  • Low water pressure
  • Sprinkler head does not turn
  • Leaking around the zone valve
  • Leakage from the furthest valves

At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we use genuine products and repair techniques to provide lasting solutions instantly. If you have an underground sprinkler system, we will check the pipes, sprinkler heads, find & fix common issues. If the damage is beyond repair, we offer irrigation installation services. Whatever we do—repair, maintenance, install or replace, we always use genuine products and parts.

Sprinkler System Maintenance & Repair Services

Once the winter has gone and the watering seasons have started, you should call for sprinkler maintenance. Here at Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we evaluate the soil type, check the water pressure, water sources, detect leaking, and diagnose any problems to provide the best solutions. We also provide written estimated sprinkler repair costs if we find issues. 

Apart from season checks and maintenance, many homes and businesses need a sprinkler system repair. Signs you may need a repair are:

  • Sprinkler spray and head are set too low
  • Sprinkler rotor and spray are misaligned
  • Zone valves are leaking and not closed properly
  • Zone valves are not turning
  • The controller box or timer are not working properly
  • PVC pipes are bursting or cracking underground

Whenever you suspect any leak or other issues with your sprinklers, call us at (972) 379-7175 to visit and inspect your irrigation system.

Why Choose Sprinkler Repair of Texas?

At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we work to offer high-quality services to our customers. Our professionals combine experience and high-end tools to offer quick, hassle-free sprinkler repair services, whether it’s regular maintenance or a complex sprinkler repair job. At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we strive to assist residential and commercial clients across Texas.

Residential Sprinkler Repair

Homeowners who want a lush green lawn can understand the need for regular sprinkler repair or maintenance. Whether it’s common leaking or sprinkler head issues, we have a professional and experienced crew ready to handle any sprinkler repair job at your home. We have expert technicians equipped with the latest tools and training.

Commercial Sprinkler Repair

As a business owner, you must know the value of a first impression. If you own a commercial property or have a real estate business, you must have the right irrigation system to have a lush & green lawn. At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we take commercial sprinkler repair seriously and ensure your sprinkler system is working correctly. If we detect leakage in pipes or a broken sprinkler head, we can replace it promptly, many times when we discover it!

Do Sprinklers Need Maintenance?

Modern irrigation systems are easy-to-use and water-efficient, designed to keep your yard green and healthy. Their programmed and scheduled irrigation with a strategic sprinkler head ensures evenly distributed watering across the lawn. Depending on the season or need, they need to be altered as per new seasonal conditions. You might notice leaks and misalignment of the sprinkler head. In such cases, Sprinkler maintenance and periodic inspection are necessary to avoid these common issues. 

At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we are always ready to assist you with sprinkler system repair or installation. Besides maintenance, we offer complete irrigation revamp and repair services, depending on the case. Our professional irrigation and landscaping technicians will fix valve leaks, pipe leaks, and clogged sprinklers. We work with homeowners and commercial properties across Texas. Call us for reliable sprinkler maintenance and repair.

Should I Replace Or Repair My Sprinkler System?

If you are planning to expand your landscaping, you truly should replace your irrigation system as then it will work appropriately for your new set-up. However, if you are simply looking forward to reducing water bills, repairing your sprinkler heads, timers & controllers, and valves can work fine. 

Whether you have an old irrigation system to upgrade or are looking to install a new one, our trained technicians can offer pocket-friendly solutions for your peace of mind.

Call Us At (972) 379-7175 for Quick Sprinkler Repair Services.

With Sprinkler Repair of Texas, your sprinkler repair is always handled by certified and licensed professionals. Why look elsewhere for Sprinkler Repair Service? Schedule a visit today to ensure a low-cost inspection. When you need reliable, affordable, and quick sprinkler repair, think of Sprinkler Repair of Texas.