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Landscape lighting is essential to illuminate the landscape and all its elements. As the sun sets and the light disappears, fresh features appear. When warm lighting streaks up the trunk of a multi-stem, the tree becomes nothing sort of a sculpture in the landscape. Colors of the walking paths glitter. A well-designed landscape lighting adds liveliness to your commercial or residential property in Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas. Maintenance and regular landscape lighting service are needed for the landscape lighting. We at Sprinkler Repair Of Texas have carved a niche for ourselves to provide top-rated commercial and residential landscape lighting service




An introduction to the landscape lighting

The majority of landscape lighting systems today are low voltage, which helps to reduce energy consumption and installation costs. Most of the systems that we install for our clients operate at a voltage of 10-15 volts using LED technology for long-term durability. Low-voltage lights use only a tenth of the power of a typical 120V system, but they can still produce a stunning visual appeal. A lot of designing unique landscape lighting schemes is about flow and artistry than hardware and product specifications.

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Replace all of your bulbs every 12 months

The low-voltage lamps have an average life of about 4,000 hours or 12-18 months. But the manufacturer will not give you a written guarantee. To ensure that all your lights are working correctly, we recommend replacing all of your bulbs every 12 months. When a lamp burns out, it lowers the voltage draw on the system, allowing the others to light brighter than usual, leading to burnouts. Our landscape lighting service at Sprinkler Repair Of Texas will ensure that all your landscape lighting is functioning efficiently to help avoid any expensive and dangerous hazards.


Hire only a professional for your landscape lighting service

Hiring an expert for your commercial or residential landscape installation is the first step in designing an incredible landscape. Maintaining your landscape lighting is equally critical too. A regular landscape lighting service and maintenance will help you avoid expensive repairs in the future and keeps your landscape looking great. Having an expert and reliable landscape lighting service also helps improve your system when your landscape matures.


Sprinkler Repair Of Texas have hours of hands-on training

All our installation technicians at Sprinkler Repair Of Texas have gone through hours of hands-on training to learn the best practices for installing and servicing every type of bulb, fixture, and a control unit that makes a complete landscape lighting system.

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