Local Irrigation Business Near Me

Sprinkler Repair of Texas is a local irrigation company that has been serving Dallas, Fort Worth, and the surrounding areas for many years. The crew at Sprinkler Repair of Texas specializes in the highest quality irrigation services for residential or commercial lawn care. Our irrigation company has gained widespread recognition from our customers throughout the Texas community, maintaining healthy grass while keeping water conservation in mind. The professionals within our business have extensive experience, knowledge, and resources to properly maintain and install irrigation systems. Our expertise provides reliable energy-saving solutions that will save you water and money. 

We focus on the installation, inspection, and repair of new or existing sprinkler systems, along with complete sprinkler services. When searching for an irrigation business near you, call Sprinkler Repair of Texas and receive high-quality work at a modest price. We understand the importance of a beautiful lawn and have the expertise to maintain it for you. Our company can manage any irrigation project, fix almost any lawn problem, and show up to any location to provide the best service.

Irrigation System

An irrigation system is a great solution to keeping the proper amount of water needed to make a property look its best. When an irrigation system is installed by a professional irrigation company, it conserves water and money. Good quality irrigation can ensure that one particular zone receives the proper amount of water while the next zone receives different amounts. Because a sprinkler system efficiently pumps water to plants and specific areas of a lawn while maintaining water conservation, it can reduce the chances of dry brown spots or overwater.

The Sprinkler Repair of Texas professionals can assess the ground, install a new irrigation system, and provide the necessary maintenance to avoid leaks and fix any pipes or hoses as needed.

Commercial Services

As a commercial property within any community, first impressions are important. As such, it is essential to maintain a thriving, healthy landscape. The key to a healthy landscape is an efficient sprinkler system that provides the correct amount of water to the lawn. To do this, we must assess the grounds, the water meter size, place pipes within the correct zones, configure water pressure in pounds per square inch, and the water flow rate in gallons per minute. Lastly, our professionals will install the type of backflow preventer required by local code. Our irrigation company’s steps ensure that your business or businesses maintain a flourishing and attractive landscape. If given the necessary access, we can provide maintenance to your commercial property on any preferred day of the week to get the job done at a time that works for you and your business.

Residential Services

Most homeowners take great pride in their yard and garden. Nowadays, schedules can be so hectic that it is challenging to maintain a yard and garden. Sprinkler Repair of Texas can assist in maintaining a yard that you can look at with pride. With a professionally installed sprinkler system, the computer can set a schedule that works to provide your lawn and garden with the adequate water needed for the soil composition. In addition, we can schedule sprinkler services to check the sprinkler heads, check for leaks, and make sure that the system is working correctly. Most irrigation companies do not offer a maintenance package, but Sprinkler Repair of Texas does. 

Our maintenance package includes:

  • Full inspection of the system
  • Ensuring existing heads are spraying in the correct direction within the zone.
  • Checking of all nozzles, unclogging when necessary
  • Evaluation of the program timer and check the computer system for proper watering schedule
  • Complete evaluation and explanation of additional issues that the contractor may have noticed
  • Provide exact prices for any needed repairs

Utilizing our maintenance package for your sprinklers will reduce worry, save money in the long run by avoiding more significant issues, and maintain an immaculate lawn.


Landscape lighting 

Driving through a community, a resident can quickly notice residential and commercial properties with landscape lighting compared to those without. Landscape lighting is an easy addition to the landscape that provides safety and curb appeal, increases property value, and can be beneficial in highlighting a yard’s aesthetics. There are seven types of landscape lights: spotlights, floodlights, up/downlights, step lights, garden lights, bollard lights, and string lights. Each has its unique advantages when compared with other types of lighting. 

  • Spotlights are used to shine in one direction and are primarily used to highlight statues, plants, and patios. They can be tilted up or shined directly. 
  • Floodlights are used to cover large areas, commonly placed on the corner of homes near entrances, patios, and driveways. Floodlights can vary drastically in brightness and be worked by a sensor. 
  • Up/Downlights are utilized more from a design standpoint than other types of landscape lighting. These lights can bring fences and walls to life with patterns.
  • Step lights are precisely that. Placed on steps vertically or horizontally to bring light to the steps, this is a great safety feature if your property has many steps.
  • Garden lights create an emphasis on your shrubs and flowers throughout the garden. These lights can really emphasize the landscape design by going slightly downward and out at night. 
  • Bollard lights are straight post lights that are commonly found along a walkway. These are the only lights found within a landscape setting that provide a full 360 degree of lighting. 
  • String lights are hung outside from corner to corner of the home above a patio or within a gazebo. They are great for those who enjoy entertaining outside and want to create ambiance.

Do you want to install lights throughout your landscape? 

Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, and the surrounding area with all your landscape needs. Our qualified professional crew is fully licensed to perform all your irrigation system maintenance and lighting services. When you choose Sprinkler Repair of Texas, you are making the right choice in a sprinkler system company. Schedule a Fort Worth Sprinkler Repair request online or call (972) 379-7175.