Many irrigation companies are located in Texas, but there are not many companies like Sprinkler Repair of Texas, a full-service irrigation company. Our business serves commercial and residential landscaping in the Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio metro areas. The professionals at Sprinkler Repair of Texas have expertise in irrigation system installation, sprinkler repairs, lighting installation, lighting maintenance, garden, and lawn service. We pride ourselves in offering excellent service to our customers, installing irrigation systems that conserve water, and reducing your concern about the entire system. 

Before starting any project, a contractor will inspect the landscape or system and provide an estimate for the installation or repair job. Homeowners appreciate our quality irrigation service and installations at a modest cost.  Over the years, our process has been customized to fit the client’s needs, whether residential or commercial. We understand a properly installed irrigation system is an in-depth process, and we are here to guide you throughout it. When searching for “local irrigation companies near me,” call Sprinkler Repair of Texas and see why our customers swear by our services.

Local Irrigation Company

Texas is a big state. When searching “irrigation companies near me,” one may receive many results. However, you won’t find many like Sprinkler Repair of Texas. The State Certified License Irrigation Board verifies our professional company, and we are a Certified Backflow Pressure Tester company. 

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Irrigation system installation
  • Irrigation repairs
  • Drainage systems
  • Full irrigation services
  • Landscape service
  • Backflow preventer test
  • Lighting installation
  • Lighting repairs

We make sure our irrigation systems works, so you don’t have to.

Sprinkler System

What is a sprinkler system? A sprinkler system is an automated watering system for your living landscape that provides the right amount of water needed for it to flourish. Picking an irrigation system for a home can be overwhelming. Nowadays, there are many options to choose from, and most homeowners are unsure which system is the most efficient solution for their yard. Lowe’s describes the installation process as complicated, but it is an easy service for our professionals. 

An underground sprinkler system offers the utmost convenience in yard care. Natural rainfall is not always a reliable water source, but a sprinkler system can be set to a schedule and designed to spray directly in the areas required for your landscape needs. A sprinkler system can save money and make a homeowner money in the long term. It saves money by watering only the necessary locations and in the areas that need it most. It makes money by adding to the value of your home and saving you from having to replace areas of your lawn. 

To decide if an underground irrigation system or drip system is necessary, consider:

  • The type of grass in your lawn
  • The plants in your garden
  • Water requirements for grass and plants
  • Soil type

Sprinkler Heads

An underground sprinkler system requires in-ground sprinkler heads. In-ground sprinkler heads tend to be a complex installation, especially pop-up sprinklers. The sprinkler head is shaped according to what kind of spray pattern it is designed to deliver along with pressure. The spray pattern is one of the most significant differentiating factors when looking at sprinkler heads. The three basic types of patterns are fixed, rotating, and mist. 

A fixed spray pattern is designed to stay stationary and consists of multiple thin streams. These thin streams of water fan out from the center of the nozzle in a full 360 degrees. The streams can reach 3 to 15 feet and can be adjusted from 40 to 360 degrees. 

A rotating spray pattern has the capability of rotating over time. This can help the head reach further away, covering more ground. Due to a stronger material used to support a higher pressure, a rotating head can spray anywhere from 20 to 150 feet. The machinery of a gear-driven head allows the water to reach a further distance. This makes the head better suited for large yards or commercial areas.  

A micro misting head is best suited for gardens and flowerbeds that require a more delicate spray. This spray provides less water per hour and is the most cost-efficient. In addition to small gardens, this system works great for slow-absorbing soil like clay.

When picking a sprinkler head, it is best to consult and come to a decision with professionals whose top priority is plant health. Our professional team understands that choosing a sprinkler head that will provide water at a rate that the soil can absorb adequately is essential.

Irrigation Systems Services 

An efficient sprinkler system not only keeps a garden and lawn beautiful, but it can do so for a low price. Sprinkler Repair of Texas is dedicated to saving you money and worry regarding irrigation services. Before we install, we review the layout of your sprinkler system to confirm whether your landscape needs one zone or more than one. This form of installation maximizes water efficiency, saving money on your water bill and helping conserve water. 

We perform a complete landscape service, irrigation system pipe services, sprinkler head services, lighting service, and more. Our professional team members are meticulous, unique, hard workers who take great care of the property while providing a repair or installation. We take every precaution to ensure that your yard is returned to normalcy after our job is done. We clean the tracks of all machinery, take caution when digging, and return the grass to its proper place whenever possible.

Check out the reviews of what a wonderful job Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides to Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, and the surrounding area. Our qualified professional crew is fully licensed to perform all your irrigation system maintenance. When you choose Sprinkler Repair of Texas, you are making the right choice in a sprinkler system company. Schedule a Fort Worth Sprinkler Repair request online or call (972) 379-7175.