Homeowners take great pride in their yard. As a homeowner, one also knows that something can break at any time. To keep that yard looking its best and avoid a more significant fix, it is crucial to have a trusted source for irrigation system maintenance. Our licensed technicians at Sprinkler Repair of Texas offer quality sprinkler repair and can inspect, diagnose, and repair any lawn’s irrigation system

We provide service on everything from a residential drip irrigation system to commercial sprinkler systems. There are many sprinkler repair companies in the Fort Worth area to choose from, but at Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we understand that excellent customer service and your yard is a top priority. When you call, we will respond in a timely manner to provide irrigation services needed for your lawn.


Benefits of a Sprinkler System

Landscape Lighting RepairWhen looking at a house, the first thing a person sees is the lawn. Wouldn’t it be nice to keep a beautiful green lawn without the worry of moving a surface irrigation system or a large water bill due to water waste? To experience peak efficiency in lawn irrigation and less stress, get a sprinkler system. There are many advantages to having a sprinkler system. A sprinkler system saves time, money, is environmentally friendly, increases home value, reduces weeds, promotes a healthy lawn and plant growth, and is overall very convenient. 

A modern irrigation system installation comes with a controller that allows the homeowner to program the right amount of water to be output. A professional comes to install sprinkler head zones in specific locations. The only downfall to getting a system is the certainty that sometimes there will be sprinkler system repairs required. 

Common Sprinkler Problems

As most homeowners know, things can go wrong at any time. A sprinkler system is no different. It is common for customers to overlook common sprinkler problems because we are so used to them working correctly. However, there are a few standard things that can go wrong with a sprinkler system:

  • The controller
  • Leaks
  • Pop-up failure 
  • Water pressure
  • Incorrect sprinkler head height. 

The controller is the computer to your sprinkler system. If you notice that the sprinklers are not going off at the scheduled time, staying on for too long, or not long enough, then it could be battery or wiring issues. 

Any hardware that distributes water and creates pressure over frequent or long periods is prone to leaks. Sprinkler systems are no different. If a sprinkler system with a bad valve or damaged pipe goes unchecked for too long, it can wreak havoc for a homeowner. If you notice zones having low water pressure, call to have your irrigation system checked.

An irrigation system with sprinkler heads can experience mechanical failure. Low water pressure from a blockage, faulty hardware, or a broken pipe means your lawn isn’t getting adequate water. Without realizing, sprinkler heads can be cracked, bent, or overall broken. There are many reasons for pop-up failure. It is best to call a professional to make the repairs. 

Lastly, incorrect sprinkler head height can result in inadequate coverage or too much coverage. Inefficient coverage can cause dead areas within the lawn or dying flower beds where too much coverage increases your water bill and can drown the garden. 

Cost of Sprinkler Repairs

Repairing a sprinkler can be a hefty cost, but typically is not overly burdensome, especially when proper maintenance has been performed on the system. The cost range average for repair is around $212. Be sure you trust the company you hire. There are some companies in Fort Worth who charge for more than others! 

The cost required to repair a sprinkler system is completely dependent upon what is happening at the location. If it is something small, such as a sprinkler head repair, the price is typically low. After all, sprinkler heads are not exorbitantly expensive. If the correction requires the yard to be dug up and pipes replaced, the cost can be much higher.  When looking up pricing online, be careful. Many of the prices you will find are for DIY repairs and do not factor in the cost of labor. Repairs such as an inaccurately working backflow preventer can cost quite a bit simply for the part alone. 

Sprinkler Repair of Texas has a predetermined price list for our jobs. We charge $140 per inch of the diameter of a pipe for backflow and $75 for controller electric fixes.To avoid large repairs and ensure the lawn’s irrigation system is running correctly, we offer a maintenance plan.

Schedule Top Quality Maintenance 

The best way to avoid high-cost repairs to your irrigation system is to maintain regular maintenance. In Fort Worth TX, Sprinkler Repair of Texas can be your sprinkler system company to call for routine maintenance. We provide great customer service, offer good advice, have the latest tools and can assist in lawn related projects. Our fully licensed technicians emphasize our core value to be a great communicator. When we are on the landscaping job for a sprinkler repair, we find it very important to show our clients the problem and provide knowledge. 

If you are ever worried about your irrigation system whether it is sprinkler head, damaged pipes, pressure, lighting, or any yard troubles, call us for an inspection. Sprinkler Repair of Texas offers top quality irrigation system maintenance for your home. Furthermore, we offer a maintenance plan for $99. The maintenance plan includes a full inspection of the system, checks the heads, removes any clogs, inspects the controller, writes up a full evaluation along with an explanation, and provides the estimate of any repairs needed. 

Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides quality service to Fort Worth TX, and surrounding areas. Our qualified professional crew is fully licensed to perform all your irrigation system maintenance. You can schedule a Fort Worth Sprinkler Repair request online or call (972) 379-7175.