If you are searching for “Quality Sprinkler Service Near Me,” look no further than Sprinkler Repair of Texas. Our team offers the best landscape design, installation, and maintenance of residential and commercial irrigation systems and landscape lighting systems for home and business owners in the Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio metro areas.

Our business has provided excellent service to the community by having knowledgeable technicians and using the most modern equipment and supplies from top irrigation suppliers. The professionals at Sprinkler Repair of Texas are experienced in tree root damage repair, broken pipes, damaged sprinkler heads, worn sprinkler valves, and gate valves.

All services performed by our licensed irrigation professionals:

  • Lawn Designs
  • Installation
  • Winterizing
  • Spring Start-Ups
  • Trenching
  • Automatic System Install
  • Landscape Lighting

Check out our verified reviews to see that “quality” means much more than a word to us. It is a promise. Our customers feel secure knowing that when they contact Sprinkler Repair of Texas, they can receive same-day service, a thorough inspection, full details of necessary repairs, and the problems fixed within hours. We not only guarantee homeowner’s and business owner’s customer satisfaction, but a great job that reiterates our commitment to “quality.” Call today to receive quality sprinkler system repairs. 

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Quality Sprinkler Service Near Me

A sprinkler system is an essential piece of equipment to keep your yard, landscaping, or business looking nice. Like most equipment that is used regularly, a sprinkler system may require sprinkler repair and regular upkeep to prevent expensive repairs from being made. Even a good quality sprinkler needs maintenance to catch issues during the early stages, avoid more catastrophic damages. 

Within just a few hours, broken pipes can create a flood beneath the soil resulting in soft spots, flooding, and severe lawn damage. Even minor issues such as a broken valve can hurt the reliability and efficiency of your sprinkler system. When sprinklers are operating at their best, the components within the system will not only last longer but save you money. This is why Sprinkler Repair of Texas offers a low-cost maintenance plan for your yard. Our maintenance plan ensures that the thorough inspection process will catch any faults your sprinkler system may have. We will provide advanced notification before arriving to inspect the irrigation system so our employees can receive an easy access to the yard. 

Our offered maintenance plan includes: 

  • Inspect irrigation system for wet spots in the lawn
  • Search for a leak around the spray heads and rotors.
  • Check and replace the controller backup battery if it’s more than two years old or not producing a full charge.
  • Examine sprinkler heads, checking for cracks, damage, or broken valve
  • Replace any broken, malfunctioning, or cracked sprinkler heads or nozzles with new or replacement parts.
  • Test sprinklers and spray patterns to ensure optimal coverage within the zones.
  • Check and clean all sprinklers for proper grass coverage.
  • Fix sprinklers sprinkler heads if needed
  • Identify all heads that require being raised or lowered.
  • Check the water meter for leaks that are not visible.
  • Check rain and freeze sensors for proper operation.
  • Set the controller for proper settings based on weather conditions and the season.
  • Make recommendations for improvements in the future

Seasonal sprinkler system checks

During each season, areas receive different amounts of rainfall. It is essential to do seasonal sprinkler system checks, inspect pressure-regulated heads, and do sprinkler repairs to ensure the proper watering needs are met based on the different seasons and weather. To provide the best service, our technicians observe what plants, shrubs, and trees are throughout the landscape to adjust water amount depending on the season.

During the warmer months, the plants, shrubs, and trees require more water because the soil dries out faster than in the winter months. As professionals, we want to keep a consistent moisture level in the soil for the plants to thrive and encourage roots to penetrate deeper into the soil. It is also important to ensure there is no tree root damage and if there is, fix the problem with tree root damage to have proper quality sprinkler system repair and analysis ensure the soil does not get too dry or saturated.

We offer thorough inspections and a free estimate!

    Get a free estimate

    To receive a free quote, the homeowner must call us at our office and schedule to have a professional from our company come out to examine the landscape. At the time of arrival, the first thing we want to do is examine the control equipment. After examination of the control box, the team member will examine the lawn. Our knowledgeable team member will provide a report that goes over the details of the best route for maintaining a healthy lawn, along with any necessary sprinkler repair whether it be a pipe or sprinkler system head replaced. 

    For year-round professional sprinkler system assistance, don’t hesitate to reach us by phone. We can assist with spring start-up, summer check-up, and winterization. 

    • Spring Start-up: Takes place in March, April, May. During this time our team members deliver services to reset the control time for the optimal Spring season. We will close all drain valves and plugs, reopen the shut-off valves, check for leaks and lastly, adjust and clean the sprinkler heads.
    • Summer Start-up: Takes place in June, July, August. Team members will focus on repairing any faulty sprinkler head and maintaining the zones. The valves are checked for leaks. Due to summer’s unpredictable rain, we adjust the water to sensors. 
    • Winterization: Starts in the months of October, November, and, at latest, December. This service is necessary. Homeowners can rely on our services to get winterization done right. We start by shutting off water to the sprinkler system. We open and drain all valves and plugs. We then apply compressed air to the main lines, valves, and heads to make sure the sprinkler system is completely water-free. We do this to prevent frozen pipes and valves that can become damaged from cracking during the cold winter months.

    When looking for a quality landscaping company to perform your sprinkler service, contact Sprinkler Repair of Texas. 

    Our technicians can arrive the same day the homeowners call. We do ask for easy access to the yard– not only to install new systems but to maintain and repair existing systems. Our professional employees do a walkthrough to examine the lawn, afterward providing the customer with the services and repairs needed. 

    At the end of the season, we’ll make the necessary adjustments to protect your system from the freezing temperatures during winter elements so that it’s ready to go when the weather is warm again.

    Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides Fort Worth, Dallas, San Antonio, and the surrounding area with all of your landscape needs. We can provide quality sprinkler repairs, examine the cause of sprinkler problems. Call today to inquire about our landscaping service and our licensing information. Schedule a Sprinkler Repair request online or give us a call.