Having a healthy, thick lawn year-round in Texas is important for the health and well-being of you and your family. It is easy to forget about your lawn in the winter months and take for granted sprinkler systems that are set in place and functional. Time, pressure, poor water quality and the environment can all cause issues for your sprinkler system that requires a service job to correct. Without repair, lawns can become a nuisance. According to arlingtontx.gov, “any vegetation, landscape, trees, bushes, shrubs, vines, brush or ground cover plants that due to lack of trimming, pruning, or shaping or other neglect is in a state of disrepair. Landscapes in an unsafe state of repair may include trees or shrubs or vines or brush or ground cover that presents a safety hazard due to death or disease or damage” (2023). Residential Sprinkler Repair Arlington can ensure that your lawn does not become a nuisance when you allow companies like Sprinkler Repair of Texas to do a great job maintaining your lawn.

In this article, you will read about the importance of maintaining your lawn and successfully watering it year-round. You will read about irrigation systems or sprinkler systems and how they can directly benefit your lawn, all year round. You will also read about Arlington sprinkler repair and how our services would benefit your family. If you are in need of sprinkler system repairs, are looking for excellent service, and live in the area of Arlington, Texas, be sure to look at our website for more information.


The Importance of Having a Well-Maintained Lawn

Maintaining a healthy, full lawn has several benefits for homeowners. Environmentally, grass helps to clean the air, traps carbon dioxide, decreases soil erosion by reducing stormwater runoff, and improves the soil. Domestically, a lush lawn adds to the curb appeal of your property and can even reduce temperature. For safety, a well-watered lawn can reduce the danger of foliage disease, pests, and even dangerous lawn fires. Homeowners in Texas need to make sure that their drainage systems and sprinkler systems are working properly.

During summer months in Texas, the heat can dry out your lawn, leaving bald patches and tired chapped grass. Not only does that affect your home’s curb appeal, but it also encourages pests to make homes on your lawn. Bugs and other pests like dry patches to lay their eggs. This environment is perfect for eggs to hatch and feed off of your lawn. Not to mention the possible diseases and health hazards they potentially present to you and your loved ones. It is essential to have a functional continuous sprinkler system in place, to keep your Arlington lawn looking luscious and pest free.

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Signs and Causes of Needed Sprinkler System Repair

Have you noticed a significant amount of water pooling in your lawn? Have you tried to turn on your sprinkler system manually and it does not turn on? Have you noticed that your sprinkler heads are not turning when they should be? Are your sprinkler heads not rising when it is time to water your beautifully lush lawn and garden? Have you noticed unusual noises or a complete lack of water at all?

There are several factors that can cause broken sprinkler heads, leaking sprinkler heads, clogged sprinkler heads, unusual noises, broken pipes, pooling, and more. Your sprinkler system could have a broken sensor, dirt, debris, or mineral build-up, shut-off valves, a broken pipe, or a number of other possibilities. As time goes on, well-working sprinkler systems can show dysfunction. Normal wear and tear and daily use are normal parts of irrigation systems. What is concerning is if there is an unseen problem that could potentially lead to future sprinkler systems issues.

When you are looking locally for Arlington sprinkler repair, it is imperative that you choose technicians who are knowledgeable in sprinkler system repairs. They can perform a system check to determine the cause of the issue and offer repair solutions to get your lawn maintenance back on track.

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Services Residential Sprinkler Repair Arlington Provides

When choosing a sprinkler system repair company, it is important to think about several factors: the knowledge and experience of the technicians that provide a service, that the entire system is evaluated, that maintenance and more serious repairs are able to be made, and that the pricing is fair and within your budget. Sprinkler Repair of Texas offers several services in Arlington TX including a full inspection of your sprinkler system, determining if your existing sprinkler heads are spraying in the correct direction, removing dirt and debris to unclog sprinkler head nozzles, programming the timer to make sure your sprinklers are watering your lawn on schedule, evaluating and explaining any additional sprinkler system issues that may be present, and giving you an exact for repairs needing to be made.

It is our mission to ensure that we provide a great service to our clients by doing an excellent job, regardless of weather or state of disrepair. We offer all of the above services to ensure your checked system is functional and effective and provide only needed irrigation system repair. Our current prices are available on our website.

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Sprinkler Repair of Texas offers Residential Sprinkler Repair in Arlington. We are a proud irrigation service company, serving over 40 areas in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and Arlington. Our licensed and certified Professional repair Technicians will provide excellent service, no matter how difficult the job or rugged the season. We do a fantastic job helping you maintain the health of your lawn and garden.