Who doesn’t want a clean and green lawn? Everyone wants it, but it’s not easy to maintain a lush green lawn. Keeping a lawn green requires regular irrigation, which is much easier when you have a timed sprinkler system. What do you do if your sprinkler system stops functioning suddenly? You have to get it repaired quickly because it’s a huge inconvenience to manually pull a hose around for irrigation, and not doing so will cause your grass to turn brown very quickly. 

With hundreds of sprinkler maintenance companies around, how do you find a reliable one? Sprinkler Repair of Texas is the most reliable sprinkler maintenance company. We have been in this job for years. Our technicians provide prompt, efficient service every time.

Manual irrigation or an automatic sprinkler system?

Maintaining a lawn or garden requires regular irrigation. For most, it is not feasible to spend the time needed for irrigation as you have other responsibilities taking your attention. Working people have to work and we all know you have other commitments on the weekends. Hosing down grass can be a pain and it’s not a guarantee that you’ll get everywhere you need to get! Additionally, if you have a large garden, it seems almost impossible to irrigate manually and still have the desired crop output. 

An automated water irrigation system not only prevents wastage of water but also saves your time and plants. A sprinkler system reduces your effort because it can cover a large area in a short time. We all know, however, that sprinkler systems can need maintenance without warning. If this ever happens to you, contact Sprinkler Repair of Texas. We provide the most affordable sprinkler repair service in Addison, Bartonville, Fort Worth, Richland Hills, and many other locations.

Why is a drip sprinkler essential for your lawn?

Sprinkler irrigation saves time, water, and your lawn! You control the speed of water flow every time you water your lawn. You can sprinkle water where it is necessary and at times when it won’t be evaporated immediately to avoid wastage. 

There are a few more advantages of sprinkler irrigation systems:

Less waste of water

Conserving water is essential to get the best return for our money. A sprinkler irrigation system distributes water evenly, so water reaches every part of the lawn. The grass cover and the plants on your lawn do not need a lot of water every day for most of the year, but in the summer months, water can be essential! You can set sprinkler systems for what days you desire and the amount of time the sprinkler system stays on, watering perfectly each and every time you water.

Does not erode soil

The sprinkler irrigation system does not erode soil as water is sprinkled over a large area at a controlled speed. It reduces the chances of soil erosion significantly.

Maintenance is easy

Maintaining a sprinkler is easy, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money on repair and maintenance. If your sprinkler system ever stops working, you can contact Sprinkler Repair of Texas. We are just a call away.

Saves time

Having a sprinkler irrigation system can save a lot of time. You do not need to be present while the sprinkler is working. Nowadays, there are advanced sprinkler systems with timers and controllers that can be programmed per your needs.

How do I maintain my sprinkler system?

Most people use a sprinkler system to maintain their lawn or garden. However, it is crucial to know how to maintain your sprinkler system. The sprinkler head, valve, timer, or controller may stop working, and you need to get them repaired. Taking care of your sprinkler system will keep it working for a long time.

The primary maintenance need sprinkler systems have is sprinkler head repairs. All sprinkler heads will begin to wear with time. If your sprinkler head seems to be an issue, make sure that there is no dirt or debris on it. 

We always recommend you get your entire system checked by a professional sprinkler repair company periodically. Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides reliable sprinkler repair in Texas. We not only repair your sprinkler but also provide you with tips on how to maintain your sprinkler system.

How often should you service a sprinkler system?

Any machine goes through wear and tear and requires maintenance. A sprinkler system is no different. The components such as a valve head, pipes, timers, and other parts need regular maintenance, or the sprinkler system can stop working. Waiting to get it repaired can make grass and plants wilt or die.  

We recommend you check your sprinkler system quarterly, but you must service it if you observe any issue with the sprinkler system. Also, a professional Sprinkler repair company can suggest a maintenance plan for your sprinkler system.

What is the cost to maintain a sprinkler system?

The cost of maintaining a sprinkler system depends on several factors. The size of your lawn is one factor that determines the cost. The quality of the parts in your sprinkler system also affects the maintenance cost. If the parts are of inferior quality, they will need frequent maintenance. 

Moreover, every sprinkler repairing company can charge you differently. Some companies charge the customer unfairly. They may add some hidden charges as well. Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides the best service at affordable prices. We help customers choose the best maintenance plan and give tips to help support the system, promoting minimum repair costs.

Why choose Sprinkler Repair of Texas?

Sprinkler Repair of Texas offers the best sprinkler maintenance in Texas. We have trained professionals who have excellent knowledge of every kind of sprinkler system. Moreover, we offer low-cost sprinkler maintenance. 

Our charge is only $99, including inspecting the irrigation system, searching for leaks or damage to the sprinkler system. Our technicians provide the tips to ensure the damage from wear and tear is minimum. We always seek to keep our repair charges affordable. With Sprinkler Repair of Texas, there are no hidden charges.

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