Sprinkler Repair Dallas: According to weather.gov, while most winters in the Dallas Tx area are mild, several northers and sudden drops in temperature can also be experienced. Northers, and strong cold winds, can cause debris to litter and accumulate on your lawn. Periods of extreme cold may be fleeting but they could put your sprinkler system at risk of disrepair. Sprinkler Repair of Texas knows how important it is to de-winterize your property safely and efficiently.

Having a beautiful lawn and garden that adds curb appeal to your property can be as easy as lawn and irrigation system maintenance. Not only is it important to take pride in your property, but maintaining your lawn can improve the health of your family and ensure compliance with HOAs. This article contains easy steps to get your lawn and irrigation system ready for the spring.


  • Steps to Get Your Lawn Spring Ready
  • Steps to Get Your Sprinkler System Spring Ready
  • Signs Indicating if Sprinkler Repair Dallas is Needed

Steps to Get Your Lawn Spring Ready

  • Remove debris – winter weather can lead to an accumulation of debris. Take the time to remove sticks and twigs, leaves, and thatch. Removal will allow your lawn to breathe or have airflow. Neglecting removal could lead to disrupted grass growth and barren patches. Removing debris also helps to make landscaping and sprinkler system repairs easier.
  • Aerate – aerating your lawn has several benefits: it reduces compact soil, stimulates new root growth, and allows room for nutrients, water, and air to reach roots. This can help your grass to grow healthier.
  • Control troublesome areas – If you have noticed crabgrass or weeds, now is the time to tackle them. Crabgrass tends to germinate in March, though it can begin sooner. Do not wait to apply a herbicide before it spreads. If you notice barren areas, apply grass seed to encourage growth. This will give your grass time to grow and become strong before the high harsh temperatures of summer begin.
  • Watering – It is important to make sure that your lawn is receiving the water it needs during the time of year. Your lawn needs to be watered deeply in the morning so that it has a chance to dry out during the day.

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Steps to Get Your Sprinkler System Spring Ready

Now that you have done landscaping work to make your property look beautiful, it is time to reopen your sprinkler system for the coming seasons. It is important when reopening irrigation systems, that you take the necessary steps and precautions not to cause damage to the professionally installed drainage system. The following are steps to take to ensure that your sprinkler system is up and running properly:

  1. Check your property for frozen ground – starting any sprinkler systems before the ground thaws can result in serious damage, such as broken water lines. Take the time to dig a hole about a foot deep in your lawn. If you hit frozen ground, you need to wait a week or two before trying to spring into action again. If you find the ground malleable, then it’s time for step 2.
  2. Visit and turn on your control panel – take the time to familiarize yourself with your control panel. Clean it off, replace batteries as needed, and check the settings. At this time of year, you want your lawn watered deeply and infrequently in the morning. Watering overnight can lead to lawn disease. Adjust settings, such as the sprinkler timer and irrigation zones, as needed. You may need to consult your control panel’s manual before going forward. Doing so could reduce the need for sprinkler repairs.
  3. Sprinkler Head Maintenance – As cleaning your lawn is important, so is cleaning and assessing your sprinkler heads. Check each one to determine damage and if new sprinkler heads are needed. A broken sprinkler head can be repaired at home, though contacting a technician for professional repair is an option as well. If there is no damage, take the time to clean each of the sprinkler heads. Removing caked-on dirt and debris will allow your system to function properly and will reduce the chances of future damage. Just make sure to avoid sprinkler heads when mowing!
  4. Open the main water valve – SLOWLY! – At this point in the process you may be ready to complete the job and want to work quickly. This can lead to a costly mistake. Take the time to slowly open the water valve to your system. Opening it too quickly can lead to water rushing through the system, damaging anything in its wake. If your system has more than one valve, open each valve slowly. You do not want to have to pay for the repairs to your entire irrigation system.
  5. Watch and observe – spend some time watching as your sprinkler system waters your property. If all is well, stand back and enjoy your hard work as it pays off. If not, it is time to pay attention to how the system is behaving. Are all zones being watered? Are the control panel settings evident in their behavior? Document what you observe to have an informed discussion with a professional repair technician.

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Signs Indicating if Sprinkler Repair Dallas is Needed

If you notice any strange sounds, standing water, dry patches, sputtering water, or inconsistent water pressure, it may be time for sprinkler system tune-ups. These signs could indicate that there is a water leak that is causing issues with water pressure, that drainage systems are backed up, that there is a broken piece of the system (pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, etc), there is an issue with your control panel or a number of other causes. Simple fixes can be made at home, though it may help to have a technician come to your property and assess the situation. They can identify any sprinkler problems and provide services in a timely and efficient manner. Be sure to speak to a Dallas business owner or technicians that are licensed, experienced, and have the equipment to handle all of your sprinkler systems needs.

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