Sprinkler System Installation Dallas

best sprinkler repair near me in TexasIf you are looking for sprinkler system installation Dallas, look no further than Sprinkler Repair of Texas for all irrigation systems & installation needs. 

Installing a sprinkler system is not as simple as some may imagine. From sprinkler system design to where to dig the piping and install sprinkler head locations, especially since it requires a lot of planning. With a sprinkler system installed, you are no longer responsible for the placement of the components. Our team of certified experts is ready and available to install your new sprinkler systems!

Proper Sprinkler system installation Dallas means your entire yard remains watered, even in the driest of areas. Keeping your plants and expensive landscaping alive throughout the year is the top priority of Sprinkler Repair of Texas. Our precision irrigation systems target plants needing more water while watering other areas less, as required by the plants that make up your landscaping. 

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Things to Consider When Installing an Underground Irrigation System

Sprinkler Repair In San AntonioThe first thing you should consider when installing an underground irrigation system is the size of the area you are looking to irrigate. This size can be extensive for many businesses and require specific locations for watering heads leading to landscaping. Larger areas require more supplies, so whether you have your system installed professionally or plan to take on the installation yourself, the cost will be increased. 

It is also important to consider the source you will be using for your irrigation. Many Dallas TX individuals use city water, but if you plan to water your lawn frequently, this can significantly increase the amount of your water bill. For some, having a well installed or using an existing well is the best method for the source of the water. In this way, the only extra charge is the slight amount of electricity the pump uses. 

When looking to install a sprinkler system, make sure you understand the local watering ordinances. In many areas of Texas, there may also be local regulations that require the installation to be completed by a professional to avoid potential damage to buried wires.

Last, although uncommon, it is important to check if your location requires you to get a building permit prior to installing your sprinkler system.

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Repairs to an Existing System

In many cases, Sprinkler Repair of Texas is called to locations where the owner is looking to replace an existing irrigation system. Sometimes a complete overhaul is required, but there are times when an existing system can be updated and repaired without the cost or mess associated with a sprinkler system installation. 

Our team is available to businesses and residences and is happy to come out and evaluate your existing sprinkler system. Sprinkler system repairs may be the best and most inexpensive course of action. Sprinkler Installation typically takes between 3 to 4 hours, but removing an old system first may add to that timeline. 

The time it takes for a Sprinkler system installation is dependent upon the size of the area being irrigated and if there is existing irrigation that needs to be removed or repaired. 

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Sprinkler Repairs Often Required for an Irrigation System

Regardless of whether you have a new sprinkler system installed or are looking to repair your existing system, every system will eventually require maintenance. It is par for the course when owning a sprinkler system. There are many moving parts, and parts wear out and break frequently. 

The good news is that sprinkler system repair is often comparatively inexpensive when put up against other maintenance costs of home and business ownership. Sprinkler system repair services can range from simple sprinkler maintenance to fixing a broken sprinkler head, sprinkler valve repair, or repairing a leaking valve. You need to go into sprinkler system ownership with the knowledge that this is a system that works best and lasts the longest when maintained adequately by professional irrigation specialists, such as those at Sprinkler Repair of Texas

Watering Schedule in Dallas TX

Dallas Texas has varying seasons where water may be scarce. It is important to make sure your yard receives the right amount of water. We have all been driving in the rain and have driven past a sprinkler system watering a yard in the rain. If it is within the rainy months, be sure to adjust your watering times to make sure you are not overwatering your lawn and, if it is raining one day, you can skip that day for watering.

On the contrary, in the dry months, make sure you are paying attention to your yard and responding appropriately to make sure your greenery is receiving adequate water for survival. If you are watering with a well, keep an eye on the water flow because the water table is low enough, the well water may not be plentiful enough to water your lawn adequately. If this is the case, use city water until the water table comes back up to a usable level. 

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Our sprinkler repair services are professional, fast, and we can schedule most repairs within 1-2 business days from when you call our location. We can assist you with sprinkler system installation in Dallas and the surrounding areas and are available for all needed repairs to your system. 

Our satisfied customers will tell you that we offer great professional service are a reasonable cost to our clients. We can highlight your highest quality landscape pieces with our landscape lighting installation and can repair existing lighting on your property as needed. 

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Sprinkler Repair of Texas is professional, fast, and can service any existing sprinkler system. Whether for sprinkler system repair or sprinkler system installation, we can help! Call us today!