The Different Methods of Irrigation

A question that is most often asked is about cost. What is the expense of a local expert installing an irrigation system in Texas? To obtain the answer to this question, we will look at the different things that could be involved in the answer.

It’s important to decide on what your lawn budget is. If the budget is too high, an irrigation system will be overkill. There will be savings in spending more on things other than the system itself. A small budget may get the system installed, and the lawn could be just fine. In all cases, a lawn will be kept green by the sprinkler systems, and its maintenance will be less.

What to look for to decide on sprinkler maintenance?

Next, we will look at the amount of water that the soil loses each day. If the soil is dry, the amount of water it loses will be much less than what it needs to stay green. In order for the soil to hold water more efficiently, a drip irrigation system must be used. The other methods of getting the soil to hold water less efficiently include run-off from a higher point, sprinkler irrigation, and tunneling.

Lastly, we will look at how much irrigation time the soil will get over the season. If it takes less time, then an irrigation system will be overkill. The next systems to consider are the rotary and the “drip” systems. The rotary systems will give good control, but they cost more and need more maintenance. The drip systems will be much less expensive in the long run but need more energy than the other two systems.

Finally, we will look at the amount of rain and snow the area gets each year. Watering a lawn in the winter will be more dangerous than it will be in the summer. If the amount of rainfall and snowfall in the season is high, then the lawn will be better controlled.

Most people can learn a lot more about the different systems by reading the labels on the equipment or asking a local landscaper. Home and Garden shops will have people that have had years working with the systems and can give you the info you need. The best systems will have manual and video tutorials online for the different irrigation methods.

Making final decisions

A good tip would be to keep on hand a good soil tool. The tool can be used to loosen the soil for the new system, and to clean out the spray heads and the attachments for the systems and the hose. In all cases, you should always try to avoid using too much water. It would be best if you also tried to avoid watering the lawn all at once but rather wait till late in the summer or early autumn when the ground is still wet. Try to do this by about mid-July.

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