Irrigation Repair

Sprinkler Irrigation Repair

If you are looking for a professional irrigation repair company that delivers excellent service, look no further than Sprinkler Repair of Texas. Our company provides:

  • Sprinkler heads repair 
  • Controller diagnosis
  • Water line inspection
  • Pipe installation and replacement
  • & much more.

We repair all brands from Rainbird, Toro, Weathermatic, and Irritol. We also provide the parts needed to make any necessary repairs.

When calling Sprinkler Repair of Texas to come out to your location, whether it is commercial or your residential front yard, you can expect promptness and professionalism. Our professional staff can diagnose everything from valve leaks to a bad backflow device. Whether it is spring or winter, our business’s primary mission is to efficiently take care of your landscape and provide top-notch service to our clients. We provide all the services needed to access issues and repair them, from pipe leaks to zone malfunctions.

We are a proud Texas-based irrigation company that serves Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Irving, and surrounding areas. 

Irrigation Repair

Have you noticed your irrigation system is performing poorly? Is your irrigation system ineffective in keeping your lawn lush? If so, there is a chance your irrigation system needs to be fixed. You should contact our experts at Sprinkler Repair of Texas to come to perform a diagnosis on your system.

The three most common issues with irrigation systems are valve leakage or failure, damaged sprinkler heads, and faulty sprinkler controller.

Today’s valves are almost all maintenance-free. If there is a failure with the system, according to Irrigation Tutorials, it results from installation or design problems. Dirt in the irrigation pipes, leaks within the interior shut-off disc, and water getting into the solenoid are the main reasons for valve failure. To avoid future problems with the valves, call a licensed sprinkler repair company such as ours to perform the repair.

Lawn & Garden Maintenance

To ensure a lawn lush and sprinklers that are working at their best capability, your yard requires regular services. Regular maintenance on a yard is necessary to protect its healthy state and benefit customers from worrying about more extensive, more costly repairs. For example, if a sprinkler head is broken, it could create a flood within its located zone.

Our team will analyze your system, check all sprinklers, sprinkler heads, valves, controllers, and make any recommendations to keep it performing efficiently during any season. When hiring Sprinkler Repair of Texas, you receive excellent service. You also receive our flexibility for appointments, timely response, expert technicians, seasonal checkups, winterization, and tree and light services.

Sprinkler System Repair


If your sprinkler system is ineffective and is watering the street more than the lawn or not working properly, it is time to call the professionals at Sprinkler Repair of Texas. We have knowledge in the industry and the expertise to replace, repair, and troubleshoot any problems you may be having with your system.

Many aspects of today’s irrigation systems are automated by the controller. To confirm that they are still working regularly, a certified technician should inspect the system. Otherwise, the systems are not performing to their full potential and can cause some severe damage. We offer sprinkler system repair to residential and commercial properties. We perform maintenance and repairs from installation to inspection.

We understand that your home or business is your special domain. To keep your properties looking stunning involves work. Nothing keeps the outside of a property beautiful more than proper landscaping services and sprinkler system repair. Lawns are a property’s first impression on friends, family, and clients.

Most Common Irrigation System Repairs

As previously stated, the three most common lawn sprinkler system defects are valve leakage or failure, damaged sprinkler heads, and a faulty sprinkler controller. When systems are well maintained, these problems are easily detectable before they turn into costly repairs. However, a sprinkler head, controller, or valve leak can go on for some time before the owner realizes there is a need to fix it.

Failure of a valve can be difficult to detect because you cannot see the valve, how tight the interior disc is, or that the water is leaking. Whatever the cause may be of a valve failure, the water passing through the internal valve and into the sprinkler system can create a disaster. When left alone, the damage can lead to the backflow prevention device and plumbing. This sort of repair requires professional repair attention.

Sprinkler heads are a common repair and typically the direct result of a snow shovel, edging equipment, or lawn mowing. On rare occasions, a broken sprinkler head can be caused by extremely cold temperatures that cause the heads to crack. To avoid damage to a lawn sprinkler system, replace old heads that do not run properly. If damage has been caused by edging equipment, move the sprinkler heads roughly 5 inches away from the hardscape.

With an irrigation system controller, the leading cause of the malfunction is wiring. One may experience a blank display due to electrical service issues. Another common problem with a controller occurs because of a valve solenoid issue which could require you to replace connecting irrigation wires.

Our team is knowledgeable in the common irrigation system repairs and how to fix them. We do not waste time locating the problem and making the necessary adjustments to guarantee the issue is repaired.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides Fort Worth, Dallas, Colleyville, and the surrounding area with your sprinkler service and landscape needs. We not only install new systems but can maintain and repair existing systems. We take all your needs into consideration. Our team performs installations, routine maintenance, and replacements. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible services. Schedule a Fort Worth Sprinkler Repair request online.