Our Irrigation Services Are Professionally Installed

Certified Professional Irrigation Services serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We are the best sprinkler repair service in DFW, Texas.  No matter the season or problem we can help.  Our services go beyond irrigation repair.  We are certified by Texas to facilitate back-flow testing.  Schedule your yearly inspection of your fire prevention system.

  • Back-flow testing – $140 per inch of the diameter of the pipe
    irrigation services
  • Repair or adjust heads, valves, rotors- $175/up
  • Move water lines or heads.  Adjust controllers or upgrade to electronic system from manual system –$100/hr
  • Locate lost valve zones or repair cut electrical zone wires –  $75
  • Repair broken water, lateral, or main lines – $100/hr
  • Install new system, heads or rotors – $3500/up

We guarantee that our irrigation service are installed by Texas Certified Irrigation Technicians.