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Basic Service Calls – $99

  1. Full inspection of the system
  2. Ensuring existing heads are spraying the right direction
  3. Unclog nozzles
  4. Program timer to ensure proper watering schedule to make sure plants get proper amount of water, and comply with city-mandated water restrictions
  5. Full evaluation and explanation of additional issues that may/may not be present
  6. Give you exact pricing for needed repairs
Sprinkler Maintenance

Sprinkler Maintenance

Who doesn't want a clean and green lawn? Everyone wants it, but it's not easy to maintain a lush green lawn. Keeping a lawn green requires regular irrigation, which is much easier when you have a timed sprinkler system. What do you do if your sprinkler system stops...

Keep Your Lawn Green With Sprinkler Repair Service

Keep Your Lawn Green With Sprinkler Repair Service

Having a lush green lawn is a dream of many, but is your irrigation system effective enough? Are the sprinklers watering the street more than your lawn? Did you just find that you have a broken sprinkler head? Now what? With Sprinkler Repair of Texas, you don’t have...