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With Sprinkler Repair of Texas you can always trust that you’re working with certified and experienced professionals.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas is a proud Texas-based irrigation service company.  We serve the Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio metro areas.  Our licensed and experienced sprinkler repair technicians will identify your problem and solve it.  No matter the job or the season, we will repair your sprinkler problem,  GUARANTEED! When it comes to lawn sprinkler and irrigation installation systems, you need a reliable and efficient lawn sprinkler company that knows the soil and landscape.

With Sprinkler Repair of Texas, your irrigation repairs are always completed by certified and experienced professionals. Don’t take our word for it, verify us through the State Certified License Irrigation Board. We are also a Certified Backflow Pressure Tester.

Water Usage Spike? Call Sprinkler Repair

Our soil has gone through a lot of changes these past few seasons. Decade-long drought and recent intense weather have shifted our soil. Underground sprinklers are getting damaged by the loose soil. You need an experienced sprinkler repair company that knows the land and identify the issues. Our technicians will locate your broken sprinkler line and fix it efficiently and cost-effectively. Repairing irrigation leaks and inefficient spray patterns can save precious water and save money.

This region’s soil has always been some of the trickiest to work with. The desert climate and intense weather make it difficult to achieve the landscape many of us want to come home to. With all these complications, it’s important to have an experienced irrigation repair company that will know the land and how to work with the unique trials our climate presents. Sprinkler Repair of Texas is up to the job. Our technicians can locate and diagnose the cause of any problem and save you money by fixing it. Working with us can help you amplify the impact your irrigation system has on your landscape AND help reduce the cost of high water usage.

LOW COST Maintenance Plan: ONLY $99

  • Inspect irrigation system for wet spots or leaks in the lawn around the spray heads and rotors.
  • Check and replace the controller backup battery if it’s more than 2 years old or not producing a full charge.
  • Straighten bent sprinkler heads, checking for cracks or damage.
  • Replace any broken, malfunctioning or cracked sprinkler heads or nozzles with new or replacement parts.
  • Clean and adjust all spray type sprinklers and test spray patterns to ensure optimal coverage.
  • Clean and adjust all rotor-type sprinklers, testing for total coverage to make sure there are no dry spots.
  • Check for wet spots, dry spots, and leaks.
  • Ensure all zones are working by checking each station zone by zone.
  • Check all heads for proper coverage.
  • Identify all heads that are in need of being raised or lowered.
  • Check the water meter for leaks that are not visible.
  • Check rain and freeze sensor for proper operation.
  • Set the controller for proper settings based on weather conditions and the season.
  • Make recommendations for improvements.

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