Five signs your Texas sprinkler system needs repair

Do you want to keep your lawn looking healthy and luscious? Do you want to learn the signs that can tell you about your sprinkler health and performance? If you are saying yes, then stick to this article till the end. We understand the importance to maintain the beauty and healthy condition of your yard. This article will explain the five basic signs that will tell you if your sprinklers might need repair!

It is common, many people do not have an idea of how much and how often they should give water to their lawns. Unfortunately, rainwater alone is not suitable to make the grass beautiful. The summer season can also make your grass look yellow and dry. So, to give water and to prevent damage to the lawn, many people are installing reliable sprinkler systems. The reason is they know very well that they have to take good care of their garden; otherwise, the whole show will collapse. Nowadays, many people are using sprinkler systems for watering lawns, crops, landscapes, and other areas. A water sprinkler system contains straight pipes with rotating nozzles on the top. In this type of irrigation method, the water is applied to the area in a way similar to rainfall.

Like every other technology, the sprinkler systems also break down and experience some problems. It is imperative to resolve such issues before the costly lawn sprinkler repair arises. Therefore, to avoid the after-effects of such troubles and to repair a malfunctioning sprinkler system, you need to know the signs that can tell you beforehand about the repair. Following are a handful of warning signs that will tell you what you need to look out for. Let’s discuss each sign in detail.

Water Pressure Problems

An irrigation sprinkler system sprinkles the water evenly on the crops with the help of pressure in pumps, valves as well as pipes. It also contains the regulators that connect with the main pipeline at regular intervals of time. Sometimes, these regulators and valves begin to malfunction. As a result, water in the pipes starts dribbling out instead of spraying out. This problem can arise due to low pressure in the pipes. It indicates a malfunction in the sprinkler system that you need to fix as early as possible. Due to low water pressure in the regulators, your plants and grass will fail to receive water.

You can also face high pressure in the valves and sprinkler heads at the same time. If your water sprinkler system has high strength, you will see that your sprinkler is working just like the machine gun. It will start giving the water to your plants with full pressure resulting in damage to the crops as well as your outdoor furniture. Moreover, high water pressure can break the parts of your sprinkler system quickly.

Such kinds of pressure problems can arise very often. Therefore, to get rid of the pressure problems, you need to check for any faults in the water pressure. Try to observe the flow of water by turning on the sprinkler system. If the flow of water from the sprinkler heads is fluctuating or is abnormal, you need to take a step as it surely has a leakage problem. Moreover, you can also take the services of an irrigation and sprinkler professional. A professional can assist you better in yard sprinkler repair by using the best equipment. He can help in controlling the pressure in the pipes and valves without destroying your lawn in the process.

Increase in your water bill

Have you observed an increase in your water bill even without doing more laundry? If yes, then there is a leakage in your sprinkler system, which is ultimately using more water and increasing your water bill!

An increase in your water bill is also a significant warning sign, which indicates the Texas sprinkler repair. It can also mean a leak or any other malfunction in your sprinkler system. Therefore, it is essential to check your water or other utility bills on time so that you can address the failure as early as possible. Regular use of water can be different according to the seasonal changes, weather patterns as well as local climate. Try to know about your average water usage so that you can check the changes in your water bill and solve your irrigation issue on time.

Uneven watering over the grass

If you have noticed dry spots on your lawn, it means that there are some obstacles in the way of water passing through the pipes of your sprinkler system. The early signs of uneven watering over the grass include dry spots and yellow vegetation. To get rid of dry patches and pools of water in your lawn, you need to check the soil by sight as well as touch. Also, look for any signs of soaking or flooding in your entire garden so you can get to know if there is a leak somewhere in your system or not. By examining an inconsistent water flow, you can see the reason behind uneven watering. If you notice that the soil is dry, dusty, and concrete, you need to check your sprinkler system as it is not giving enough water to the land.

Try to fix it as soon as possible to prevent damage to your property. At this point, you need to take the services of a certified sprinkler professional so that you can get on the right track with suitable sprinkler adjustments. He can help you in Texas sprinkler repair so you can keep a beautiful shade of green throughout the year.

A leaking valve and a sputtering head

In a water sprinkler system, a valve plays a vital role in distributing a certain amount of water to each area of the land. The leakage of a sprinkler’s valve shows that the overall irrigation system is not working correctly. The signs include the damp area around the pipes and valves. In addition to a leaking faucet, it is crucial to address the problem of a sputtering head. If the head of your sprinkler is coughing, it means there is some valve or pressure problem which is creating cracks in the heads. It not only affects internal valves and seals but also causes both overwatering and under-watering. Therefore, try to adjust the heads before it results in any severe damage to the lawn. If you cannot fix the issue, you need to contact an irrigation professional or sprinkler technician.

The growth of fungus, mold or mildew

In a lawn, the growth of fungus, mold, or mildew is a regular occurrence. But remember fungus can also be a sign of plenty of water in a specific area of your yard. Therefore, you need to check your grass regularly so that you can examine the growth of fungus and mushrooms. The common causes of the growth of mildew include the leakage in the pipes that flow near the trees, rotation problems as well as incorrect zone adjustments. Such tubes create too much water in the roots, which results in the production of mushrooms.

You need to fix this problem on time; otherwise, they will grow and multiply quickly and can become disastrous to your lawn. If you feel difficulty in determining the exact cause, you need to consult a professional. A sprinkler professional can come in right away and can provide irrigation repair to the loose bolts, which are causing the leakage.

Final and Last Thoughts

Water is essential for a healthy garden. Without the proper irrigation installation, dry patches may appear on your lawn. So, to make your yard look good, you need to go for an irrigation sprinkler system and take good care of the faults that can arise in the sprinkler system. The reason is if you ignore the errors of your sprinkler system, you have to face a big repair job. Moreover, you need to check your sprinkler system for any repair, especially in the summer season.

If you have not faced any issues with your water sprinkler before, then consider yourself lucky. The reason is some water sprinkler repairs are costly, but some are cheap, and you can do them quickly. But, in spite of the cost of repairs, you need to keep an eye out for some vital signs that can show malfunctioning of a sprinkler system. All the points mentioned above explain the warning signs that can tell you that your sprinkler system needs repair. It will help if you spot these signs as early as possible. As it can save you money as well as hassle in the future.