Landscape Lighting RepairLandscape Lighting Repair

Landscape lighting can be the perfect enhancement to welcome you and your family home. Whether you have a large or small outdoor area, light has the power to transform your landscape, which many homeowners love. Trying to solve problems with landscape lighting repair can be challenging and intimidating. We at Sprinkler Repair Of Texas never recommend doing any electrical work on your own because it is dangerous. Calling in for a reliable landscape lighting repair is a wise decision to make. Sprinkler Repair Of Texas is a top-rated firm for every issue about your landscape lighting repair. Let us examine a few of the common causes that call for taking the services of a reliable and expert landscape lighting repair.


Take a closer look at your transformer

A transformer is used in both low-wattage and LED landscape lighting systems. The main objective they serve is to step down the power output. Before doing anything else, have a close look at your transformer to ensure that it’s in good working order. Be sure to check that:

  • The connections within the transformer are stable.
  • The timer is set correctly for your lights to turn on in the evening.
  • The transformer has power

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Look for frayed wires

If thoroughly checking the transformer hasn’t helped, it’s time to have a closer look at your landscape lighting wiring. Damaged wiring is also the most likely cause if only a part of your landscape lighting is not working. Anything from a stray lawnmower or power tool to naughty squirrels can cause cuts, splits, or kinks in your wiring. If you come across damaged wiring, we strongly advise you not to touch it and call in for reliable and efficient landscape repair professionals. Even low-wattage electrical systems can be dangerous, particularly if they are damaged.


Examine your breaker box

Breakers in your control panel will trip if they sense overloading. To avoid electrical disruption, this turns off the power to the associated circuit. Find the breaker that corresponds to your outdoor outlet and check that it is on. If the breaker is tripped, return it to its original location to restore control. Be extra careful. Breaker trips are a common problem in most homes, but if any of the following occurs, you should contact an expert for landscape lighting repair:

  • The breaker trips again right after re-engaging
  • The breaker starts humming after engaging
  • The breaker becomes too hot when it is on



Stressed about landscape lighting repair? Sprinkler Repair Of Texas is here to take away all your worries

Sprinkler Repair Of Texas will help if you have a malfunctioning transformer or your outdoor lighting wiring is damaged. Our professional-level landscape lighting repair services are unrivaled, providing your family with cost-effective, dependable solutions to ensure that landscape lighting works perfectly.


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