McKinney Sprinkler RepairIs It Worth Installing A Sprinkler System At My Home In McKinney?

Sprinkler Repair of Texas is your best, local choice for sprinkler installation, maintenance, and repair in McKinney, TX. Do you need McKinney Sprinkler Repair services? You own a home and the land it sits on in McKinney. You spend money on the upkeep of your house to protect your investment. Shouldn’t you be doing the same for the land around it?

Installing an automatic sprinkler system keeps your lawn and garden looking green and healthy. This is a wise way to invest in the future value of your home. The difference between a lawn that is irrigated by a sprinkler system and one that is not is very obvious. Properly hydrated grass is soft, springy, green, and healthy. An attractive lawn adds greatly to the curb appeal, and therefore, the value of your home.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas is the local sprinkler expert in the McKinney area. We specialize in sprinkler system installation, repair, and maintenance. Call us today and one of our local, experienced technicians will visit and evaluate your property. Let us design a sprinkler system that will address the specific needs of your property. We ensure that your grass and landscape get the proper hydration they need to look amazing all year round.

Advantages Of A Sprinkler Repair of Texas Sprinkler System.

As with any major system in your home, there are expenses associated with a sprinkler system. There is the initial expense of installation and then regular maintenance to keep your system running efficiently. The benefits of owning a sprinkler system designed and installed by Sprinkler Repair of Texas are significant.

Correct Watering

A properly designed and installed sprinkler system will ensure that your grass and landscape are getting the correct amount of water at the correct time. Underwatering can cause wilting and drooping and overwatering can cause root rot and mold in plants and lawns. With a Sprinkler Repair of Texas sprinkler system, all watering zones are set up and timed. This allows the system to deliver the appropriate level of hydration so that no section of your property will be over or under watered.

Perfect Timing

Effective watering has a lot to do with timing. The best time to irrigate your lawn is in the early morning. Watering during the day leads to increased water loss through evaporation from the sun’s heat and watering in the evening can result in poor water absorption. Unless you enjoy getting up at 5 AM to water your lawn, we highly recommend an automatic sprinkler system that will do the early morning work for you.

Lower Water Bill

If you are regularly watering your lawn with hoses and standard sprinkler heads, installing a sprinkler system will certainly save you money on your water bill. A sprinkler system increases irrigation efficiency and therefore decreases the volume of water needed to get the job done.  A properly serviced sprinkler system with a smart controller and a rain sensor will eliminate the guesswork of manual watering and reduce your water bill.


A sprinkler system installed by Sprinkler Repair of Texas means that your lawn will be irrigated consistently no matter how busy your schedule is. If you go out of town, you can rest assured your grass will get the water it needs while you are gone. No more large water bills from forgetting to turn off the hose to a standard sprinkler head, wasting gallons and gallons of water overnight!

Our team always provides professional McKinney Sprinkler Repair, design, and installation. Call us today to speak with one of our team and get started on maintaining the lawn you’ve always wanted! If you’re in need of landscape lighting or a professional holiday light installation, we provide those services too!