• Check each individual valve to ensure there are no leaks in any of the piping.
  • Make sure the backflow device is functioning properly.
  • Correct any bent or leaning sprinkler heads to ensure proper spray pattern.
  • Replace or repair any broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads.
  • Look for any sprinklers that have leaks coming from the heads.
  • Clean any spray type sprinklers that have a limited spray pattern.
  • Adjust the spray pattern for each sprinkler to ensure proper coverage.
  • Clean and make necessary adjustments to any rotor-type sprinklers.
  • Check the back up battery inside the controller and replace if more than 2 years old.
  • Review the programming in the controller to ensure all the functions are working properly.
  • Run the sprinkler system through 2-3 cycles to make sure all the parts are functioning.



A properly installed lawn sprinkler system should be trouble free when you have the right sprinkler contractor handling the job. Unfortunately, there are many companies who are there until the job is complete and then you don’t hear from them again.  When you hire Sprinkler Repair of Texas you can be sure they will be there to service your system and perform all the necessary sprinkler maintenance to keep your sprinkler system performing at its best for many years to come.  Annual Sprinkler Maintenance is needed to prevent serious damage.  We offer a flat rate special that will help you save money! 



Once we’ve completed the maintenance on the system we’ll discuss any questions you have and point out any changes we’ve made or adjustments that were necessary. If we find that there is a need for a sprinkler system repair that maintenance couldn’t handle, we’ll provide you with a written estimate on parts and labor necessary to fix the issue. We never want to assume that we have the authority to make a repair without first getting your consent.  Once you’ve
approved the repair, we’ll make the fix quickly and efficiently.  Should you ever reach a point when there is no amount of maintenance that will help your existing sprinkler system perform at its best, it may be time to consider a sprinkler system renovation. We can remodel your sprinkler system and return it to the efficient water saving system you once had.