Addison Sprinkler Repair, Lawn Maintenance, & Irrigation systems.

When you’re in need of the best sprinkler repair company in Addison, TX, it’s hard to know where to go or what to do exactly. Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides local sprinkler repair, irrigation systems, and more. We’re dedicated to helping protect the health and beauty of your property’s landscaping. Summers can be brutal with extremely high temperatures and drought conditions. This can have a heavy effect on your grass, gardens, shrubs, and trees. In this part of Addison, TX, having a reliable, efficient sprinkler system is important for landscaping wellness.

Our technicians can locate and diagnose the cause of any problem and save you money by fixing it. That’s why our expert sprinkler repair services are designed to meet your specific needs. Working with us can help you amplify the impact your irrigation system has on your landscape AND help reduce the cost of high water usage.

Our installation and repair services include:

  • Adjust irrigation heads
  • Commercial and residential sprinkler repair
  • Double check/vacuum breaker repair
  • Full sprinkler services
  • Replace rain/freeze sensors
  • Repair and service of irrigation controllers
  • Water leaks
  • Sprinkler head replacement
  • Sprinkler system check and adjustments
  • Valve repair
  • Spring irrigation check up

Don’t wait until your system breaks, protect your system and your lawn. Request an Addison Sprinkler Repair Professional today!