Sprinkler Repair of Texas: Argyle’s #1 Choice For Sprinkler Repair And Maintenance.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas is the number one choice of Argyle homeowners for sprinkler system installations, repair, and maintenance. 

We understand that your landscape is an important element in the curb appeal and value of your Argyle home and we guarantee that an irrigation system from Sprinkler Repair of Texas will keep it looking it’s best at all times.

Call us today and let and ask about our complete range of services, including our $99 maintenance plan.

Sprinkler Repair Of Texas. We Do It All For Argyle Homeowners.

Because Sprinkler Repair of Texas is a full-service sprinkler and irrigation solution provider, we are fully prepared and equipped to tackle any irrigation problem you are facing and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our work.

All of our technicians are fully trained and certified and, our local expertise with Argyle soil and weather conditions make us the best choice as your sprinkler system service provider.

Our comprehensive range of services include:

Sprinkler System Installation.

North Texas weather conditions can be tough on Argyle lawns and landscapes. That is why an automatic sprinkler system is the best choice for keeping your yard looking lush and green, even at the height of summer.

Our system design experts will visit and assess your property and then design a system to best meet the specific needs and challenges of your landscape.

Our expert installation team is fast and efficient and, your system will be installed and operating with a minimum of disruption to your household.

Sprinkler System Repair.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas is the fast, professional, and budget-friendly choice for any repairs your system may need. Some of the most common problems we encounter and resolve are:

Spluttering Sprinkler Heads.

If your sprinkler heads are damaged or old, they can splutter instead of spraying in an even, continuous stream. This can also happen if a head gets clogged with grass clippings, dirt, or soil.  Sprinkler Repair of Texas can replace or repair problem sprinkler heads quickly and easily.

Uneven Watering.

Sprinkler heads that have been knocked out of position or are not rotating properly can cause pools of water on your path or driveway and soggy patches on your lawn. A quick realignment could be all it takes to restore water distribution to its correct coverage.

Spike In Water Bill.

A sudden spike in water consumption, leading to a higher water bill, is one of the most common issues we are called out to investigate.  Cracks in pipes and valves that are not operating properly can allow water to leak continuously, causing the homeowner’s water bill to increase very quickly. Our expert irrigation technicians have the tools and equipment necessary to locate and fix leaks, returning water consumption back to normal levels.

Sprinkler System Maintenance.

Regular, scheduled maintenance of your sprinkler system is the best way to catch problems before they start and to avoid costly repairs.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas offers low-cost maintenance plans for homeowners in the Argyle area. 

Our $99 Service Call includes a full inspection, head realignment, zone and timer resetting, and evaluation of how your system can be optimized. Call today and schedule your appointment to get your sprinkler system ready for the Fall.