Arlington Sprinkler Repair Maintenance – Winter Care

Winterizing your sprinkler system is imperative for those cold months and nights head. Even if you live in a traditionally warm area, a cold snap can happen at any point. You might need an Arlington Sprinkler Repair professional if your system isn’t ready. If prepared incorrectly, be ready for bills that could otherwise have been avoided with a few things to keep in mind. There are several things to keep in mind when you go through your system.

Does your Sprinkler have Insulation?

You need to make sure you’re shutting your lawn irrigation system water supply off, especially before freezing temperatures hit. Many systems come with some sort of main shut-off valve, so it’ll be up to you to locate where this is. This valve should also be insulated to protect the valve itself from freezing conditions. If you are unable to find the valve, it’s possible your system doesn’t have one installed. This is fine, though, because you can always have one installed (highly recommended considering the cost of repairs). You should also insulate any sprinkler system piping that’s aboveground including irrigation backflow preventers (and valves as previously mentioned).


Turn it off

Automatic irrigation systems require you to turn off the controller/timer. Switching your controller to off or rain-mode will make sure the valves do not get activated, but all other info such as start times, run times, etc. will be saved and the clock will still run. If you want to prevent potential overheating, it’s also suggested to remove the connected wires going to “MV” as well as “common.” If you don’t mind programming the info back in, you can just kill the power to everything. This is simply done by unplugging your system or shutting off power to it.

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Drain your pipes

This isn’t always necessary depending on the area and climate, but it’s still recommended to remove some of the water anyways. This can be done with a manual/automatic drain valve or using compressed air to blow it out. Either case, make sure you’re doing so safely, and if there’s any doubt whatsoever, call a sprinkler repair expert here in Arlington. Better that than a costly repair bill to both your system and yourself in the form of a hospital bill.

Don’t wait until your system breaks. Take some time this winter to protect your system and your lawn. Request an Arlington Sprinkler Repair Professional today. Also, ask us about our landscape lighting and christmas lighting services.