Colleyville Sprinkler Repair

Let’s face it, no matter how much money you have, whether a little or a lot, nobody ever wants to pay more than what they have to. Everyone is always fighting to get their bills as low as possible, even if they can afford fees, increased costs, etc. There are people who spend hours on the phone just to save $10 or $20 on recurring monthly costs. So when you get your water bill and see it’s about $20 or more above normal, you might start wondering what’s going on to add to this increased cost. Is it longer showers?  Who might be wasting water? Is something leaking?

In Colleyville, you’ll be looking for a sprinkler repair expert when you find out that you actually have a leak in your system. A small leak around a sprinkler head can account for 200+ gallons during a 15-minute cycle. Depending on how many you run a week, you’re looking at thousands of gallons used every month. When you’re talking about a neighborhood, community, hotel, or other major property, you’re looking at a small issue at a much larger scale.

So beyond the leaks, what other costly repairs are you looking at taking on?

  • Sink holes – Leaks from your sprinkler system can cause cavities that will crack pool decks, sidewalks, patios, driveways, road sides, etc.
  • Damaged utilities – Power, phone, satellite, cable, and other lines exist in the ground. Generally speaking, service lines have a flooded compound inside the jacket that helps protect the cable from moisture and the elements, but you don’t want any cable just sitting in water. Your power line has a neutral built in that, if damaged, can cause your home to lose its electrical ground and is extremely dangerous. Signs of a broken neural or one going back range from random appliances constantly burning out, lights randomly dimming all throughout the home, ceiling fans speeding up and slowing down on their own, etc.
  • Lost landscaping – Parts of your lawn can be lost due to low water pressure from an unattended sprinkler system.

Detecting Sprinkler System Leaks

An increased water bill can be a good indication that you might need to look for a leak somewhere, but what if you’re on a good system? You might not have any clue that there’s a leak in your system. Officials actually recommend periodic testing of your system to verify that it’s in good working condition, otherwise you might never know what you’re wasting hundreds/thousands of gallons of water. In dryer areas, this is a precious commodity that you can’t afford to just throw away. So what can you do to find a leak?

  • Check sprinkler heads for breaks – Just physically looking at them to see if they’re leaking is a good indication. This seems like a simple straight-forward idea, but many don’t know that it’s really as easy as just taking a look at what you have and seeing what it’s doing.
  • Check your pressure – Reduced pressure is one of the number one signs that pressure is escaping your system. Find where it’s going out, and you’ll find what you need repairing.

When all else fails, make sure you give a sprinkler repair expert in Colleyville a call for all of your needs and service issues.