Fort Worth Sprinkler Repair

There’s never a good time to be in need of sprinkler repair in Fort Worth. Depending on what’s wrong,
you might have to call a professional sprinkler repair company or even a plumber. It’s up to you to
minimally diagnose what’s going on so that you know who to call.

So let’s say you make that call, but you’d really like to know a little more about specifics. Things such as
what causes equipment to fail, what failing equipment signs there are, or just some good overall
information on sprinkler repair in your irrigation system. Luckily, you’re in the right place.

We’re going to look at a few things related to your irrigation system and tell you why it’s an issue. Many
of these repairs are better off being left to the professionals, but if you do enough research, some of
these repairs only take a moderate amount of correct information to repair safely and the right way.

So, what are some issues related to a faulty irrigation system?

  • best sprinkler repair in fort worthEquipment Out of Alignment – This includes heads that are tilted or sunken. This repositioning
    happens naturally due to soil compaction, people walking around, and general lawn
    maintenance. The reason these things are problems is that water will not be evenly
    distributed or even be able to make it where it needs to go. This will cause brown spots, runoff,
    and just an overall unhealthy and unevenly balanced yard. To fix, you’ll want to remove sod, fix
    the head by repositioning it and the soil until it’s perpendicular with the ground, then place the
    sod back. This is one of the easiest fixes you can make that requires little to no technical
    knowledge beyond just paying attention.
  • Mixed Zones – Spray heads utilize 50% more water on average than rotor heads. They have
    different operating pressures, so if the time and pressure are correct for one type in the mixed
    zone, it’s going to be incorrect for the other type. This complicates things by creating
    oversaturated or under-hydrated areas. To prevent this, make sure the rotor and spray head that
    is located in the same zones do not get mixed. Also, replace heads with the same type, brand,
    and model.
  • Obstructed Heads – This is pretty straight-forward as well. This occurs for a variety of reasons,
    including poor planning of placed heads, landscape changes without changing your system, and
    simply just overgrowth of surrounding plants. The reason this is an issue is that water isn’t
    making it from point A to point B, therefore you’re wasting water and not hitting your yard
    where you need. To fix, simply trim overgrowth, relocate the head, or do a little landscape
    redesign to include water-conserving plants in place of the turf.
  • No Check Valves – When your system disengages, your lowest level sprinkler heads might start
    draining out the water. This is wasted water along with extra wear on your system lines. To fix,
    simply install head that has check valves. There are many that come with this, and they’re fairly
    easy to replace.

There are many other potential issues, but if you have one that wasn’t covered, consider calling a Fort
Worth sprinkler repair company with a solid reputation and a history of excellent customer satisfaction
to assist with all of your needs and repairs.