From Sprinkler System Repairs To Installations, Sprinkler Repair Of Texas Has You Covered.

Whether you have an existing sprinkler system that is in need of repairs or you are ready to install a brand new system, Sprinkler Repair of Texas is the Grand Prairie expert you need to call. Our fully certified and licensed local technicians are ready to carry out a detailed inspection and evaluation of your irrigation needs and to provide reliable solutions at affordable prices. 

We stand behind all of our work so you can have peace of mind knowing that our job is not done until you are fully satisfied with your irrigation system.

Call Sprinkler Repair of Texas today for a free quote on repairs, installation, and maintenance or to make an appointment for your low-cost system inspection.

The Sprinkler Repair Of Texas Guarantee.

The best solution for a faulty sprinkler system is not always repeated, costly repairs. Sometimes, depending on the age and condition of the system, the best solution is replacement with a new system. When you call Sprinkler Repair of Texas, one of our local Grand Prairie irrigation technicians will evaluate your system and present you with all of the possible options and solutions, ensuring that you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you opt for a new system or repairs on your existing system, we guarantee that we will provide a  sprinkler system that  is:

  • Performing at peak efficiency for every season.
  • Programmed to meet the specific needs of your lawn.
  • Set to operate at peak water conservation efficiency with minimal runoff and waste.
  • Designed to maximize the lifespan of your lawn and landscape.
  • Guaranteed to run reliably and efficiently and keep your property green and healthy.

We Know Grand Prairie Grass.

Because we are a local Grand Prairie irrigation company, we know how to design and install a sprinkler system that will keep your grass looking green and healthy, even in the harsh North Texas summer. Two things we know about Texas summers are… they will be very long and they will be very hot. Keeping your grass beautiful in the spring and fall is relatively easy, but keeping it alive through the summer can be a challenge. Sprinkler Repair of Texas can help. Let us program your sprinkler system to deliver the optimum amount of water to your lawn at the correct time of day to ensure proper penetration with a minimum of run off. We recommend two solid waterings a week during the summer or as often as every other day if you are feeding your lawn heavily for the maximum green look.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas does not recommend watering more often than every other day, as this can lead to shallow-rooted grass and increased spread of disease due to too much moisture. Our experienced, local irrigation specialists are ready to evaluate, repair, or install your sprinkler system and to offer advice on how to keep your Grand Prairie lawn looking it’s best all year round.