Grapevine Sprinkler Repair and Landscape Lighting

The city of Grapevine is desirable for people who need to commute frequently to and from the airport, downtown Dallas and Fort Worth. Sprinkler Repair of Texas provides Irrigation systems, Sprinkler repair, and landscape lighting to residential areas. Irrigation services serve as an important tool in water conservation when it comes to watering your land, growing food, and many other practical uses. Having a sprinkler system in Grapevine is essential if you want to keep your lawn in top shape. Even if you don’t get competitive about it as many do, it’s still just a very satisfying feeling to know that you have a beautiful yard to come home to and enjoy.

Dealing with a faulty sprinkler system, there are all kinds of things that can happen. This includes, systems coming on at the wrong time, to not coming on at all, and even coming on but just leaking into the ground and ruining your lawn both aesthetically and physically speaking.

We’re going to highlight a handful of issues that you can look for the next time you’re doing routine irrigation system maintenance to your home.

Sprinkler Maintenance in Grapevine

  • The pressure is Too High – When your pressure is greater than expected, you’ll notice smaller droplets coming out of the sprinkler head. This ends up leading to water evaporation and/or water just being blown. The pressure that is consistently way too high can actually cause more wear and tear on your sprinkler heads, forcing premature replacement over something simple and easy to fix. You’ll also notice a mist sort of effect as a sign that water pressure might be too high. To fix, you’ll need to identify if it’s just too high in a specific zone, or it’s too high in the entire system. If it’s a specific zone, you’ll need to install a pressure reducing valve to the full zone if there are several heads in place. If there are only a handful, then you can just install heads that come with pressure regulated stems.
  • Pressure is Too Low – Low pressure will not allow the heads to fully come up. This results in poor coverage and can also be a good indication of an underground leak. Troubleshooting this, you’ll want to check with your local water district about mainline issues with pressure if it’s low to the entire system. If it’s low in a specific area inside a zone, you’ll want to check for leaking heads/lines, but if there are several heads, think about a system redesign that allows efficiently watering the area with fewer heads.
  • Overspray – This is an issue in which sprinkler heads are not adjusted correctly, and they’re set to spray on surfaces that do not need irrigation. These are things such as fences, mulch, asphalt, concrete, and any other surface that doesn’t need irrigation. This causes runoff which is going to be water waste. To fix this, you’ll need to make some adjustments or maybe redesign the system.

As you can imagine or already experienced, water pressure can be really frustrating to deal with. If you have any sprinkler repair or landscape lighting needs, please do not hesitate to call our licensed and certified lawn experts.