Keller Sprinkler Repair

There are a ton of components to sprinkler and irrigation systems. Some are very simple, while other
parts can be a little more involved and complicated. There’s a plethora of information out there about
sprinkler repair for the DIY hobbyist. Fortunately, there’s a ton of good information, but unfortunately,
one bad piece of information can ruin what you’re doing and create a more costly bill for you and your

Your yard is your pride, and you wouldn’t just trust it to anyone. However, Keller has many sprinkler repair experts that can get you up and running again in no time.
There is a very important part of your irrigation system, legally speaking at least, and we’re going to go ahead and discuss this now.

Backflow Testing

Do you know what backflow testing is? If not, that’s ok, just know that it’s a very important part of your
irrigation system and ONLY a trained, licensed company needs to handle this. There is paperwork that
must be submitted to the appropriate provider that shows you’re complying with all local laws.

State and municipal codes related to plumbing generally REQUIRE installation of a backflow prevention device where there’s a chance that the backflow of your water might get into the clean water system.
The backflow prevention equipment will need to meet and exceed the risks of each situation. They are
absolutely imperative to protecting clean water, and it’s a good idea to certify your system at least once
a year.

Clean water can reverse direction, and when it does, suction can be created pulls the dirty water into
the clean water. This dirty water can contain anything from nasty chemicals to fertilizers, to waste. The
cross-connections between the two creates the need for this backflow system to be in place.

So, what exactly is the device itself? Everything from simple to extremely complex depending on the
situation, the units are series of check valves that stop backwards flow when water pressure isn’t equal
due to unique conditions of pressure or some sort of fluctuation. When you maintain these devices
correctly, they will prevent dirty and clean water from colliding and mixing.

Also, if you didn’t know, there are places where yearly inspections are required and consequences are
enforced when laws aren’t abided by. If you do not know how to conduct these tests and how to submit
results to comply with your local laws, then it’s highly suggested to hire a professional that understand
all of the rules and regulations of this testing.

So imagine you have a sprinkler system in place and your dirty water is mixing with your clean water.
Kids love to play in sprinklers, so what if there was waste spitting through the sprinklers? Not only are
you going to have nasty odors everywhere, but your children are getting covered in nasty chemicals and
waste that could send them to the hospital if ingested or soaked through an open wound. Don’t make
this mistake, and make a call to a licensed professional irrigation system specialist in Keller.