Sprinkler Repair Of Texas – We Understand Your Lake Dallas Sprinkler System, Do You?

Installing a sprinkler system at your Lake Dallas home is a big investment, but having one is like having an insurance policy for your lawn and plants. Who doesn’t feel better knowing that their Sprinkler Repair of Texas sprinkler system will take care of the watering for them? Installing a sprinkler system means that you don’t have to worry about being out of town or just being too busy to water by hand; your yard will be taken care of. 

Although Sprinkler Repair of Texas is always ready to help with sprinkler repairs, maintenance, and advice, we also believe that it is important for home-owners in Lake Dallas to have a working knowledge of their own sprinkler system. Understanding your sprinkler system can help you recognize and detect problems sooner, thus avoiding costly repair bills for problems that were not addressed in a timely manner.

Understanding Your Sprinkler Repair Of Texas Sprinkler System.

Basic Mechanics Of Your Sprinkler System.

Your sprinkler system is fed water by a supply line from the city mains to your home. This water is then held under pressure behind sprinkler system valves. When the valves receive a low voltage electric current from the controller, they open. This allows the water to flow through the system to the sprinkler heads and onto your yard. A similar current from the controller lets the valves know when to shut the system off.

Components Of Your Sprinkler System.

Sprinkler Heads. 

There are two types of sprinkler head: rotary sprinklers, and spray nozzles. Both are available in pop-up form or mounted on a riser.

  • Pop-ups stay hidden below the grass when not in use. Once the system is turned on, the water pressure forces them to pop up and begin sprinkling. Pop-up heads are perfect for flat lawn areas.
  • Riser mounted sprinkler heads are preferable in areas where there is high grass or other tall vegetation. The heads are mounted on risers so that the water spray is not blocked.

The Controller.

Also known as the timer, the controller is the brains of the sprinkler system. The controller is most often located in the garage and it is programmed to tell the valve when to open and shut, thus turning on and off the irrigation.  The controller is programmed to tell the system what days and times to come on and how long to stay on.

The Valves.

A wire leads from the controller to the valves which open and close allowing water to flow through the pipes to the sprinkler heads. Valves are typically found in a plastic box buried just under the surface of the soil. Different valves control different irrigation zones and can be programmed independently of each other, depending on the water requirements of each zone.

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