Best Sprinkler Repair Service in Murphy Texas

In Murphy Texas, sprinkler repair service calls are common throughout all months of the year. There is no season in Texas in which our irrigation services are not needed. Looking for the best sprinkler repair company in Murphy? Call us today to schedule your Basic Sprinkler Repair service call for just $99. No crazy service call bait and switches, no hidden fees, we treat our customers like family!

Who is the Best Sprinkler Repair Company?

Finding a trusted local sprinkler system repair company in Murphy Texas is easy, you are already here! Sprinkler Repair of Texas is your leading sprinkler repair company in and around Murphy. We understand the importance of keeping the lawn watered and our Basic Sprinkler Service call dives right into helping you. Simply call our office and book your Basic Service call immediately! 

What is Done on our Sprinkler Repair Service Calls?

Our Basic Sprinkler Repair service call is our approach to getting to know your sprinkler system and being able to give you, the customer, a detailed evaluation of the issues and needs it might have. 

  1. Full inspection of the system
  2. Ensuring existing heads are spraying in the right direction
  3. Unclog nozzles
  4. Program timer to ensure proper watering schedule, making sure plants get the proper amount of water while complying with city-mandated water restrictions
  5. Full evaluation and explanation of additional issues that may/may not be present
  6. Give you exact pricing for needed repairs

Our technicians are not going to try to sell you services or products you do not need. Our objective with this service call is the get a base understanding of your system and what services/products, if any, need to be done so you have a very clear understanding of the needs of your system. The quote the technician is going to supply will initially be a discounted offer. If you choose to get the repairs done right then, the discount remains. If you have to schedule the repairs for another time, our office will provide you with a new quote for the non-discounted rate. For just $99, our technicians will help find out what needs to be done to ensure your lawn is healthy! 

Sprinkler Repair of Texas in Murphy- Your Trusted Local Irrigation Service Provider

Local sprinkler repair companies are not all created equal. Sprinkler Repair of Texas treats all of our customers like family. Our mission is to supply the best irrigation services for Murphy Texas residents and business owners! Hire our expert technicians for these services:

  • Residential Sprinkler Repair
  • Residential Irrigation Installation
  • Well Drilling
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Decorative Holiday Lighting

If your home or business intends on using Sprinkler Repair of Texas for your holiday decorative lighting, please call our office ASAP to reserve your spot. Time is limited and in Murphy Texas, decorative lighting is bright!