Sprinkler Repair of Texas. We are the North Richland Hills Leader in Sprinkler Maintenance.

If you live in North Richland Hills, TX, you know how long, hot, and dry the Texas summers are and how hard they are on your lawn. Keeping your lawn looking fresh and green all summer is a job that would be nearly impossible without the help of a properly functioning sprinkler system.

Like many household essentials, we take our sprinkler systems for granted until they stop working and our grass is left without proper and regular irrigation.

Show Your Sprinkler System Some Love.

Not unlike cars and air conditioning units, irrigation systems require regular check-ups and maintenance to continue working at peak performance. The benefits of having a professional sprinkler repair company, like Sprinkler Repair of Texas, carry out routine checks and maintenance don’t stop at simply keeping your system operational.

Some of the less immediate, yet equally important benefits are:

Water Conservation.

Irrigation systems are prone to leaks in many of their components such as:

  • water lines
  • valves
  • fitting
  • heads
  • rotors

That is why a North Richland Hills professional, like Sprinkler Repair of Texas, should check your system regularly. Even if only a small amount of water is leaking from your irrigation system every day, this can add up to a lot of water wasted over time and a big spike in your water bill.

Prevention Of Major Malfunctions.

Professional maintenance of your sprinkler system can reduce or avoid the need for major and costly repairs. Our experienced technicians can spot the telltale signs of a major system malfunction before it gets out of control. In most cases, major problems and expensive repairs can be avoided with a replaced head, tightened valve, or control panel adjustment.

Reduction Of Energy Consumption.

As with all of the major systems in our homes, if not running properly, sprinkler systems are not running efficiently. Sprinkler systems that are not running efficiently use more electricity, causing your power bill to go up. The experts at Sprinkler Repair of Texas can check out your irrigation system and ensure that everything is running smoothly and in the most energy-friendly fashion possible.

Consistent Irrigation Delivery.

When heads, valves, or lines are damaged, your sprinkler system will not be able to deliver the correct amount of water to the right zones at the appropriate time. When your lawn is not being watered evenly and regularly, the results can range from dry, yellow patches of grass to soggy, wet patches that have been overwatered. Our professional irrigation technician will walk your property looking for the signs of uneven watering and make the needed adjustments.

Prolonging Of The Life Of The System.

There is no doubt that when a sprinkler system is serviced regularly and maintained by a professional, it will outlive sprinkler systems that are neglected. The simple act of replacing or repairing worn-out components and troubleshooting for major problems will prolong the life of your system and save you from incurring the major expense of a total system replacement.

Call the North Richland Hills leader in sprinkler system maintenance today and schedule your appointment for our $99 total system check-up and tune up!