What To Expect When Installing A Sprinkler System At Your Prosper, TX Home.

If you have decided to invest in having a sprinkler system professionally installed at your home in Prosper, TX, you are already aware of all the benefits associated with owning a sprinkler system. You may, however, be wondering what is involved in the sprinkler installation process and what you should expect. When you choose Sprinkler Repair of Texas for your installation, you can expect only the best. 

Why Sprinkler Repair Of Texas Is The Best.

Sprinkler Repair of Texas is the premier sprinkler installation, repair, and maintenance company in Prosper and the surrounding areas. All of our design and maintenance technicians are highly trained professionals and we are proud to hold our Landscape Irrigation License, issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Because we are a local, Prosper based company, we are familiar with the challenges presented by North Texas soils and weather conditions. We will design a system for your home taking these factors into consideration. 

Our pricing is always fair and competitive and we are confident that the high level of service and quality of work we provide make us the best choice for sprinkler installation, repair, and maintenance in Prosper.

The Sprinkler Installation Process.

Understanding a little bit more about how irrigation system installation works can help you feel better prepared for the process.

There are three main steps to sprinkler installation:

Initial On-Site Visit.

During the initial visit to your home, your Sprinkler Repair of Texas design technician will perform a comprehensive evaluation and gather all the information needed to design a sprinkler system for your property that will run efficiently, save water, and meet all the irrigation needs of your yard. They will also prepare a cost estimate for the project. The length of this visit may vary based on the size of your property and what type of system you wish to install.

Design Proposal.

Approximately one week after your onsite visit, Sprinkler Repair of Texas will send you a design proposal for your new irrigation system. This proposal will detail the layout and other specifics about the proposed system, and it will also include an accurate price estimate to complete the project. This is a good time to ask questions about the plan or to request clarification or changes. Once you are satisfied with your sprinkler system plans, installation can begin.

System Installation.

Installation is the final step in the process. This step takes a few days to complete, usually between three and five days from start to finish. The exact time needed to complete the project will depend on how large your yard is and the complexity of the system you are having installed. 

Once the installation has been completed and your sprinkler system has been tested for any issues or problems, your Sprinkler Repair of Texas technician will discuss what time and zone control settings will keep the system running at maximum efficiency and keep your yard looking its best year-round. 

Call Sprinkler Repair of Texas today and schedule an appointment for one of our design technicians to visit your home and give you an estimate on a new sprinkler system.