Red Oak Sprinkler Repair

What should you do if you de-winterize your sprinkler system and you notice that a zone is not working? Before calling a professional sprinkler repair service in Red Oak, you might want to check a few things first to make sure it isn’t a quick and easy fix which could save you hundreds in repair costs. If you aren’t comfortable checking electric connections or don’t feel handy with certain tools, then this might not be for you. In that case, you might be better off calling a professional. If you’d like to give it a go, check out these quick tips on troubleshooting a faulty zone.

How To Troubleshoot Sprinkler System Zones

  • Check your voltage to the faulty zone – If you aren’t familiar or comfortable using a multimeter then this probably isn’t for you, but basically you’ll touch your leads to the common and zone terminals. If your voltage is too low, you’ll need to replace the controller. A zone that won’t turn on is related to electricity in some way. Zones need to be attached correctly to the terminals inside of the controller, the transformer needs to be plugged into a functioning outlet, and the circuit breaker needs to be on at the main panel. Make sure you refer to your specific owner’s manual for information on where the voltage needs to be.
  • Check fuse and transformer – Test transformer voltage by placing your leads on the “24 vac” terminals. If your meter shows under 22, replace the transformer.
  • Replace defective valve – You’ll want to disconnect wires, disconnect the defective solenoid from the control valve, and replace until the new one is finger-tight. Reconnect the wires using waterproof connectors.

There are several things that can cause a loss of voltage from point A to point B. Checking continuity at specific points along with the amount of voltage can get you troubleshooting in no time. If all else fails, give a qualified professional a call to diagnose your system and get your irrigation system up and running in no time.