Richardson Sprinkler Repair

Have you ever been walking through a lawn that has a sprinkler system and just suddenly stepped on a
really wet and overly-saturated spot in the lawn? There’s a good case that it isn’t a coincidence and that
there is most likely a leak right in that area.

There are several signs that you might be in need of sprinkler repair, and we’re going to go over a few
things to look for when you suspect that there might be some issues. This is not a complete list of all
things, but this will definitely get you going in the right direction with self-diagnosing your irrigation

These type of issues can not only be costly, but it can also damage your lawn by causing sinkholes, clogs,
nasty water, etc.

Finding & Fixing Leaks in Your Irrigation System

  • First, you’ll want to visually inspect your lawn. You’ll start to look for differences in water
    pressure while the system is on. You’ll look for mold and mildew on the lawn along with damage
    to plants from fungus.
  • The areas in your lawn that are much greener above water lines are a good indication that
    there’s a water leak there.
  • Depressed areas in the lawn and bubbling water while the system is running.
  • Your sprinkler system is spraying dirty water, one of the more obvious signs that there’s damage
    somewhere allowing dirt to get into the system
  • Obvious signs of animal damage from digging.
    So now that you’ve identified where it’s damaged, how do you fix it?
  • Dig until you find the issue – Identify sprinkler heads that aren’t spraying quite right or one that
    keeps the ground very soggy around it. Then carefully dig around where you suspect the
    damage is.
  • Finally, perform regular maintenance so that this continues to work correctly

Follow these steps and they can help minimize the amount you have to spend on profession sprinkler
repair in Richardson. If all else fails, call a professional and do not mess it up more than it already is.

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