Who Is The Best Local Sprinkler Repair Company In Westlake? 

Owning a sprinkler system in Texas is a must. The long, hot, dry summers make it difficult to keep your grass and landscape looking fresh and green and that’s why your sprinkler system is invaluable. Like any other major system in your home, your sprinkler system needs regular care and maintenance to keep it operating at optimal performance. 

Sprinkler Repair Of Texas Is Westlake’s First Choice For Installation, Repair, And Maintenance

Sprinkler Repair of Texas the local leader in Westlake for installation, maintenance, and repair of sprinkler systems. Because we are a local company, we know Westlake lawns! We have years of experience dealing with the local soils and weather conditions, factors that have a big impact on the performance of your sprinkler system, and the condition of your grass and landscape.

All of our irrigation technicians are highly trained professionals and are always ready to offer advice and solutions for the irrigation issues you are facing. We are proud to hold our Landscape Irrigation License, issued by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. 

We promise to always be open and transparent with our customers about pricing. Our quotes are accurate and we will never add on surprise charges at the end of a job. Our price might not always be the lowest, but we are confident that the high level of work we do and the exceptional customer service we provide represent good value for your money.

We stand behind all of our work and our job is never complete until our customers are 100% satisfied. 

The Sprinkler Repair Of Texas $99 Complete Maintenance Check Up

At Sprinkler Repair of Texas, we are dedicated to helping you to keep your sprinkler system in good repair and operating properly. That is why we offer our $99 complete sprinkler maintenance check-up to all of our customers. We highly recommend that you allow our technicians to carry out this thorough check of your system on a regular basis.

Our Complete Check Up Includes: 

  • A full inspection to identify any wet spots or leaks around spray heads and rotors
  • Checking and replacing, if necessary,  the system controller backup battery.
  • Checking all sprinkler heads for cracks and straightening heads that have gotten out of position
  • Checking that all sprinkler heads are functioning properly
  • Testing spray patterns to ensure optimal coverage
  • Checking for dry or soaked patches of grass or soil
  • Ensuring that each zone is turning on and off properly
  • Checking water meter to detect invisible water leaks
  • Ensuring that the rain and freeze sensors are functioning
  • Resetting controller to appropriate settings for the season
  • Making recommendations and suggestions  

A change of seasons is always a good time to have your sprinkler system serviced so that it is properly programmed to deal with the upcoming changes in weather conditions.

Call us today and schedule your $99 maintenance check up.