Lawn Sprinkler System RepairsLawn Sprinkler System Repairs

Most lawns in your house or at your office require one inch of water every week and up to two inches during the hottest months. You can’t always depend on the weather to provide the optimum amount of water your lawn needs. So an underground irrigation system is crucial to keep your lawn green and safe. Regular lawn sprinkler system repairs and maintenance is critical for you to respond quickly if any issues arise. Plus, you will also want to make sure that your sprinkler system is functioning efficiently. With Sprinkler Repair of Texas, you can always trust to have a certified lawn sprinkler system repairs technician by your side. Call us today to book a low-cost lawn inspection.



Lawn sprinkler sprays off-target

Whether it is your home or office in Dallas, Fort Worth, or anywhere in Texas, it is advisable to set the lawn sprinkler system to run early in the morning. By doing this, you can notice if your system is spraying off-target and require any repair. The pop-up heads may have moved out of place over time and need to be repositioned. Some heads may have sunk into the ground or tilted, or a shrub or bush may have grown over one of them. Sprinkler heads may also get clogged with debris, causing them to sputter and potentially move out of position.


The lawn is getting watered unevenly 

Uneven lawn watering may result in dry patches or pools of standing water in your lawn. A sprinkler head may need to be adjusted, or a valve may need to be repaired or replaced in this situation. Trust Sprinkler Repair of Texas to run the device manually zone by zone to observe the spray patterns and fix any deviation, and to identify any lawn sprinkler system repairs that need to be done.

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Your control valves have started to leak

Any amount of water loss adds up to water wastage. A well-operating valve is in charge of ensuring that the right amount of water is delivered to each section of your yard—soaked driveways and side near the valve box. Wet areas around sprinkler filters and pressure regulators are also red flags. It’s best to contact a skilled technician for your lawn sprinkler system repair if it shows signs of repair.


Sprinkler Repair of Texas is a trustworthy lawn sprinkler system repairs expert

When you hire Sprinkler Repair of Texas for your Lawn Sprinkler System Repair, you’re working with a trustworthy sprinkler and irrigation repair company. We’re big enough to handle all of your lawn sprinkler system repair and maintenance needs, and small enough to give your home the individual care and attention it deserves. Call to schedule your lawn inspection.



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